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Can you have a Romantic Life when you Suffer from Depression Symptoms

There are millions of Americans who suffer from depression symptoms today; what is one do when one suffers from a depressive problem but still wishes to get on with life, with work and love? It isn't just getting ahead at work that's a problem when you suffer from depression. Dating can be a real challenge as well. While dates can be about love and romance, they can also be about proving yourself and remaining open to being judged. If you can't be on your game, if you’re too depressed to smile or be engaging, how do you think your chances at the date are going to go? The problem can be kind of catch 22 sometimes: you need relationships to get over your depression; and you need to get over your depression to find a relationship. If this sounds anything like what you're going through, here is what you need to do to succeed in the dating game.

The finest way there is of dealing with all the depression symptoms that tend to get aggravated with dating - irritability, a lack of confidence and so on - would have to be to seek professional help. There isn't much stigma attached to having a psychiatric illness anymore. And depression happens to be one of the mildest and most commonly-found psychiatric problems. Since four out of every five people who seek help for depression symptoms actually get better, this really should be your first line of defense.

Nevertheless, antidepressants can take weeks to actually begin to lift your spirits up. In the meantime, these dating tips should work for you when you suffer from depression symptoms.

The secret to success in any date, of course, has a lot to do with your attitude. Until those meds begin to kick in, you'll probably really benefit from a support system made up of positive and friendly people who love you. When you're actually ready to take that step into your first date, you need to make sure you don't make one of the rookie mistakes: you don't want to say anything about a depression on your first two or three dates with any single person. Unless, of course, your date actually begins talking about depression first. The thing is, you don't want to say anything to turn on date off before they actually get know you. A lot of people will gladly set aside their reluctance about dating someone with a problem when they actually get to know them and like them.

Should you be fortunate enough that romance with a person should progress to the stage that you feel you would need to tell them about your depression, make sure that you ease them into it. Tell them that you have a certain problem that happens to be eminently curable and that happens to lots of people. You can tell them that you don't believe that your problem should disrupt the relationship because you're taking your medications and you hope that is okay with them. More times than not, everything just works out fine.

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