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Information on Colloidal Silver Cream or Salve for the Skin

Colloidal silver has been used for thousands of years in fighting all types of bacteria, protozoa, parasites, fungi and certain viruses. Long ago, the rich stayed healthy by eating from silver spoons and platters while the peasants who ate from pewter frequently died from disease. It comes in various forms including a salve for topical use.

Skin rashes, psoriasis and other skin conditions

    The salve is excellent for sensitive skin and beneficial when used on skin irritations and rashes.

Open wounds, cuts and scrapes

    Using the salve directly on open wounds has been said to speed healing and to help combat infections. It is as simple as just applying salve to a Band-Aid and covering the sore.

Athlete's foot and other fungus

    Rub the salve over the foot and between the toes. Colloidal silver has been very successful in killing fungi of various kinds. It will help relieve the itching as well.


    Use the salve to treat acne breakouts just like any other acne medication. It fights the bacteria that cause acne to spread and speeds healing of the eruption.

Insect bites

    Treating insect bites with the salve helps to speed healing and reduce the sting.

Other uses

    It has been rumored to have successfully treated such things as cancer, hepatitis C, yeast infections, gangrene,warts, staff infections and other viral and bacteria infections. Many people also use it on their pets' skin for various conditions or to heal wounds.

Medical disputes and scares

    Many sources have spread the word about a condition called Agyria, a rare disorder in which people permanently turn blue as a result of large quantities of silver ingestion. The truth behind the matter is that they have ingested large amounts of silver from homemade colloidal silver contaminated with salts that concentrated in their system over a period of time. Also in spite of his blue skin color the most noted case of Paul Karason has been examined by Mount Sinai Hospital and found to be in good heath and free from the health problems that he took the silver for. Today's products are measured in parts per million and have not caused such problems. The medical community has spread alarm and claimed that it is ineffective due to the fact that they would lose millions in antibiotic sales if people were to truly understand its effectiveness. Antibiotics can cause other problems in the body and there are also many things that have now become antibiotic resistant as a result of their overuse.

    Colloidal silver is very gentle and soothing to the skin but has a powerful effect on the immune system. It is amazing how well it works, and since it is not ingested there is never any worry about turning blue.

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Shoulder Arthritis Exercises

Shoulder arthritis can be excruciating because almost every time you move, your shoulders move. If you have not been able to achieve much relief from medications, begin exercising the shoulder to strengthen and stretch it. Often, adding exercise into your regimen will help to ease the pain of arthritis. The exercises are very simple and in most cases you do not need any equipment, or you can use things that you have around the house.

Shoulder Cradle

    Hold one of your arms near the elbow with the opposite hand and then raise the arm over your head. Hold the arm as high as it will go and then bend and straighten the elbow you are holding. Some people find that this exercise is more comfortable when they lie down as it lends a bit more support to tight or extremely painful shoulders.


    This is one of the better exercises for a shoulder that has a limited range of motion or is very painful. The pendulum can be done sitting or standing. To complete the exercise, lean forward slightly, letting your arms hang in front of you. Simply relax and feel the weight of your arm as you lean forward. Make small circles in front of you, keeping the arm relaxed. Gradually make the circles bigger and bigger. This should be slightly uncomfortable, but if it becomes too painful make smaller circles. Complete 25 circles.

Wand Exercise

    This exercise can be done sitting, standing, or lying down. It is a good exercise for those who have a very tight shoulder or if both shoulders are affected by the arthritis. For this you'll need a cane, and a mop, broom handle or yardstick. To complete the exercise, place one hand on either side of the stick and then raise the wand as high over your head as possible. Hold for a deep stretch and release. Repeat five times.


    If you have shoulder pain and do not have a diagnosis, do not complete these exercises until you have seen a doctor. If you have pain and it has not been diagnosed as arthritis these exercises, and those like them, could cause further damage and pain to the shoulder area. A diagnosis from a qualified doctor is always important before starting any exercise or stretching routine.

How to Use Cupping Therapy to Improve Circulation

How to Use Cupping Therapy to Improve Circulation

Cupping therapy uses a number of small glass cups which are heated to create vacuums. The warmth holds the cup in place on the body, soothing tense muscles, releasing toxins and increasing blood circulation. The cups are usually left on the body for only 10 or 15 minutes, and can be left in stationary positions over problem areas, or moved gently to create a soothing massage. Read on to learn more.



    Light a candle with a match and place it in a candle holder. Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and carefully hold the cotton ball with a pair of tweezers. Light the cotton ball on fire using the burning candle.


    Create a vacuum with the cup by holding the burning cotton ball inside of the glass for 5 to 10 seconds. Remove the burning cotton ball and place the cup immediately onto the skin either over tight muscles or acupuncture points. The vacuum mechanism of cupping helps pull blood to the skins surface improving blood circulation, releasing tension and clearing the toxins that cause muscle pain.


    Apply only four to six cups per cupping session over tight muscles. If a cup comes loose during the session, simply reheat and place in the same position. If leaving the cups in a stationary position, the entire session should last 10 or 15 minutes. Remove the cups and gently massage the cupped areas.


    Perform cupping massage by gripping the bottom firmly and applying gentle downward pressure while moving the cup in small circular movements. The cups will come lose more easily while massaging, so be prepared to reheat them. If using cupping massage, place four to six cups over affected areas. Using one cup at a time, massage the area for five minutes before returning it to it's original position and continuing with the next cup.

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How to Break A Fever

How to Break A Fever

When you have elevated body temperature that is higher than the normal temperature of 98.6 Fahrenheit, you have what is called a fever. Fevers can be caused by a variety of conditions, including bacterial or viral infection, sunburn and heat exhaustion. Most fevers can be treated at home. See your doctor if a fever continues more than a few days, or if it rises above 102 F in a child or 103 F in an adult.



    Drink plenty of fluids, including water and fruit juices diluted with water. When you're sick and you have a fever, there's a good chance you'll have no appetite. To continue to get the necessary nutrition to speed up the healing process, drink food-replacement supplements, if you can keep them down, to replace normal daily meals.


    Remove excess clothing to help reduce the fever. Excess clothing may keep you too warm and hinder the fever from lowering to a normal level. One layer of clothing, along with a cool environment, will make the fever symptoms more tolerable. If you start shivering, use a light blanket.


    Drink a cup of warm ginger tea. This may help reduce the effects of the fever and is a traditional remedy. Slice or grate fresh ginger and simmer it in a cup of water for two to three minutes. Add sugar or honey to sweeten. Not enough scientific evidence exists to determine the effectiveness of this method of fever reduction. Consult a physician before attempting to self-treat with herbs.


    Get plenty of rest. Take the needed time off from work or school. Moving around can heat up the body, and when you have a fever, you want to make it easy for your body to cool down.

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Natural Ways to Clear Toe Fungus

Toe fungal infection is due to the accumulation of fungus under the nails. These bacteria, which can stay in the nails for a long period of time, affect the nail tissues. This is a difficult condition to eradicate, and the chance of recurrence is high. Although there is no cure for toe fungus, natural remedies can make it possible to have a healthy nail grow out and replace the infected nail material.


    This condition is caused by a fungus group called dermatophytes, which embeds itself into the small space between the nail and the nail bed. This is a communicable disease which usually lives in wet or moist areas, including shower rooms and swimming pools. Toe fungus can be caused by health disorders such as HIV, diabetes, compromised immune systems or trauma to the nail itself.


    Toe fungus starts with discoloration of the tip of the nail, usually yellow or black in color. If left untreated, the entire nail can attain an unhealthy shade. The entire nail may eventually become thickened and develop deteriorating edges that can be very painful. The nail will also have no luster or shine and be distorted in shape,

Tea Tree Oil

    Tea tree oil is a natural antibiotic that helps to eradicate toenail fungus. The nail should be filed down to make sure the oil can get through the nail surface to where the fungus is living. A few drops of undiluted tea tree oil can be mixed with olive or lavender oil and applied to the affected nail. This treatment helps soothe irritated skin around the infected nail.


    Vinegar helps relieve itching and pain, does not have any harmful side effects, reduces inflammation and is a very cheap treatment in eradicating fungal infections. The remedy usually consists of daily foot baths in 50 percent water and 50 percent vinegar, soaking the feet three times a day in 30-minute increments. Make sure to trim the nail before beginning this process.

Epsom Salt

    Epsom salt is also an effective treatment for nail fungus. The nail should be filed down so the solution can penetrate through the deeper layers to reach the fungus. At least twice a day for 30 minutes, soak the affected nails in a solution of hot water and a few tablespoons of Epsom salt.

Professional Care

    If the toe fungus condition does not improve after trying natural remedies, you may need to consult a doctor. Other disorders have similar symptoms to toe fungus, including bacterial infections and psoriasis. The cause of the toenail fungus may be a symptom of a larger health issue. Be sure to consult a medical professional if the problem persists or the condition worsens.

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How to Avoid Heart Palpitations That Accompany Menopause

How to Avoid Heart Palpitations That Accompany Menopause

During menopause, estrogen and progesterone can fluctuate wildly as your body ends its childbearing years. This hormonal upheaval causes symptoms in most women. Some symptoms, such as hot flashes, are well known. Others, such as palpitations -- or the feeling that your heart is racing or skipping beats -- are less well known and can therefore be scary. Although nothing short of hormone replacement therapy will balance out your hormones during menopause -- and by the way, hormone replacement therapy itself can cause palpitations -- you can make other lifestyle changes to decrease your chances of experiencing this unpleasant symptom.



    Eliminate caffeine from your diet. It won't affect your hormones, but caffeine can predispose your heart to palpitations. By cutting out caffeine, you are decreasing the chances that it will be the substance that -- along with your hormones -- "puts you over the edge" into palpitations.


    Avoid other substances, especially stimulants, that make palpitations more likely. The Epigee Women's Health website suggests you avoid these substances during menopause: decongestants, nicotine, diet pills and -- even though it's a depressant and not a stimulant -- alcohol.


    Reduce the stress and anxiety in your life, or find effective ways of managing it. Again, this won't affect your hormones directly, but anxiety makes palpitations more likely. The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests breathing exercises, tai chi or yoga.


    Take note of your triggers and avoid them. For example, if you notice that vigorous exercise results in palpitations, exercise a little less strenuously for a little longer.

Natural Parasite Cleanse

The Internet and late-night infomercials are redolent with false medical cures for nonexistent "parasite" infections. One of the more popular methods of getting consumers to part ways with their hard-earned money is the pervasive presentation of natural parasite cleanse scams designed to sell you products that you don't need -- and that cannot possibly cure a real parasite infection.

Parasite Cleanse: The Claims

    Natural parasite cleanse marketers prey upon your lack of medical knowledge by convincing you that you have a disease that you don't actually have. Because there are so many Internet sites hawking natural parasite cleanse "cures," it all boils down to which marketer's website appeals to you the most. One such website claims that "people may have parasites in their body that they may not even know about." However, if you read through these websites carefully, you will find a U.S. Food & Drug Administration disclaimer. In other words, the product is a scam. The ultimate goal is to get you to buy the "four-star" products "reviewed" by the websites -- that's what the website is selling.

    Because many natural parasite cleanse websites have a professional appearance, it's difficult for consumers to learn the truth about the true symptoms of parasitic infections, such as flatworms and tapeworms, as well as how they are medically cured. While it is true that parasites can be spread by consuming contaminated food, from a family pet or through sexual contact, what is not true is that they can be effectively treated by eating common foodstuffs, such as pomegranate juice, pumpkin seeds, cloves, walnut hulls, or herbs. A parasite infection can only be confirmed by laboratory testing of your blood, stool or other tissue samples, and can only be resolved with a drug or medical process that receives approval from the FDA.

Parasite Cleanse: The Facts

    If you're not familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing, acquaint yourself with this term. Affiliate marketers select "campaigns" (products) that they decide to promote on their individual websites to lure in consumers. Unfortunately, some of the most successful affiliate marketing campaigns involve selling a product such as natural parasite cleansing kits and products, in addition to "detox" and "cleanse" products and kits. These consist of a combination of vitamins and supplements that you can buy at any natural food store. But unawares, consumers are drawn in by the notion of fast weight loss, detoxifying their body of mythical mercury, or in this case, nonexistent parasites.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control, parasitic infections that involve tapeworms and roundworms are far more common in underdeveloped countries than they are in the United States. However, If you had parasites, you'd know it. For example, trichomonas is one of the most common sexually-transmitted parasitic infections passed on between humans; its side-effects include obvious discharge from the genitals, as well as itching and inflammation. Giardia is another common cause of parasitic infection in humans and causes severe diarrhea. However, these parasites resolve only with prescription medical treatment -- not by eating a handful of vitamins.

Consumer Protection Against Parasite Cleanse Scams

    The use of "puffery" (hyperbole) granted to affiliate marketers and all companies that sell products that enables them to compete with each other is addressed by Section 12(a) of the Federal Trade Commission Act, 15 U.S.C. 52(a), which "prohibits the dissemination of any false advertisement in or affecting commerce for the purpose of inducing, or which is likely to induce, the purchase of food, drugs, devices or cosmetics." The FTC, which successfully filed a complaint against the Airborne cold-prevention pills hawked by Oprah Winfrey, is taking action against parasite cleansing product marketers, one by one. The FTC filed suit against Dr. Clark Research Association, operated by David P. Amrein, a resident of Switzerland to prevent sale of the corporations "New 21 Day Program for Advanced Cancers," also known as the "Complete Herbal Parasite Program." Unfortunately, the popularity of these parasite cleanse products (which use common walnut hulls, cloves and wormwood) drew the attention of affiliate marketers as early as 1999 and continue to be sold on other sites under names other than "Dr. Clark."

    When it comes to protecting yourself against parasite cleanse scams, the FTC advises that you seek information from legitimate sites, such as MedlinePlus, HealthFinder.gov and the Mayo Clinic. If you're curious about the validity of a product, see what is said about is on Quackwatch.com, a website operated by a consortium of health care providers to dispel online scams. Although it goes without saying, don't buy "cures" over the Internet -- talk to your doctor if you suspect that you have a parasite infection. If you've been scammed by a natural parasite cleanse site, report it to the FTC using the Resource link below.

    Taking these simple precautions can help you avoid the real parasites: Internet marketers who con you out of your money to cure a nonexistent ailment.

How Do I Test My PH Level?

How Do I Test My PH Level?

"pH" refers to "potential of hydrogen" and measures acidity/alkalinity on a logarithmic scale of zero to 14. A pH of seven indicates a neutral solution, whereas lower numbers indicate acidity and higher numbers indicate alkalinity. Natural health specialists believe that an unbalanced pH level in the human body can cause health issues. To test your pH level, you can purchase a kit and follow a simple procedure for measuring the acidity/alkalinity of your body's tissues and fluids.



    Purchase diagnostic pH test strips. Make sure to purchase strips intended for use in measuring body fluids, specifically urine and saliva. Do not purchase another form of pH test strips, such as test strips intended to measure the alkalinity of pool or aquarium water. Locate and purchase your pH test strips online through a retailer or an independent natural health store.


    Read and follow the test kit's instructions carefully. Pay close attention to instructions for obtaining a sample of the fluid you intend to test, usually urine or saliva. You may need to make sure that the sample size is large enough to dip the pH strip into the liquid you plan to test.


    Expose the pH strip to the liquid by wetting the strip with the fluid or dipping the strip into the liquid. If you dip the strip into the fluid, hold it in place for several seconds. Remove it from the liquid and compare it to the reference chart that accompanied your test kit to determine the acidity or alkalinity of your urine or saliva.


    Test your pH level at least two days per week and several times during the day to measure your pH balance over time. Test your urine or saliva up to one hour before a meal or up to two hours after a meal, as recommended by NaturalHealthSchool.com. According to NaturalHealthSchool.com, saliva and urine pH levels that fall between 6.5 and 7.5 during the day indicate a healthy pH.

How to Make Homemade Hair Treatment Recipes

Not every person can afford a lavish and expensive salon treatment each time his or her hair is in need of some pampering and TLC. Furthermore, some individuals prefer to do their primping and improvements at home in private and would prefer not to pay an arm and a leg for it.




    Massage your scalp. Something as simple and easy as giving your scalp and hair a regular massage can stimulate circulation, which, in turn, promotes hair growth and hair health. Couple the massage with some herbal remedies, and you may see even better and faster results. Rinse your hair with a combination of sage tea and apple cider vinegar. Other suggestions include rinsing your hair with chamomile infusions or catmint, both of which relieve scalp itchiness, which can be a cause of hair loss as well as discomfort and irritation.


    Make a paste out of licorice and milk. Grind the licorice first and then add to the milk. Apply the paste to any bald or thinning spots on your scalp. Ayurveda-herbal-remedy.com reports that this will induce hair growth.


    Slather some mayonnaise into your hair and let it set for a few minutes before rinsing it out. Mayonnaise has long been thought to be a good conditioning agent for hair.


    Spritz on the beer. According to David Daines, owner of the David Daines Salon in NYC, beer is a top-notch setting lotion and will give you shiny, healthy-looking hair. Put some beer into a spray bottle, and after you've washed and towel-dried your hair, mist your hair with the beer.


    Squeeze some of the gel out of your aloe vera plant and combine this with a little bit of coconut milk and wheat germ oil, creating a shampoo. Aloe helps balance the pH level of the scalp, while simultaneously cleansing the pores, according to Priya Shah, Ezinearticles.com writer.


    Combine 4 oz. almond oil (or sesame oil) with a few drops of bay essential oil and lavender essential oil and rub this into your hair. Let it remain for 15 minutes and then rinse out. According to Ken Shorey of Pioneerthinking.com, aromatherapists use this technique to stimulate the scalp, which promotes hair health and growth.


    Add 1 cup of water to 1 tsp. of wheat germ oil and 1 tsp. of lemon juice. To this, add 1 tbsp. of glycerin and 1 tbsp. of milk. According to Beautyfest.com, this is a great hair conditioner. When you rinse it out, put some lemon juice in your rinse water.

How to Use Pilates for Abdominal Muscles

How to Use Pilates for Abdominal Muscles

Pilates helps build core muscle strength which includes abdominal muscles, the back and spine. Pilates also tones the waist and defines the lower and upper abdominal muscles. If you practice Pilates on a regular basis, you'll be rewarded with strong, sleek abdominal muscles.



    Lie with your back flat on your mat. Bend your knees with your feet parallel. Keep your shoulders down as you bring your hands behind your head. Keep your hands at the base of the skull. Keep elbows open at the side during the exercise.


    Breathe deeply through your nostrils. Exhale through your nostrils and slowly pull your belly button toward your spine. Tilt chin slightly and slowly lift the upper spine off the mat. Remember to stabilize your abdominal muscles and don't strain your neck. Keep neck and shoulders relaxed. Inhale deeply through the nostrils and draw abdominal muscles deeper. Exhale as you continue to stabilize the abdominal muscles as you slowly lower back to the mat. Repeat six to eight times.


    Lie back on the mat and bend your knees with your feet parallel. Lift both your head, neck and feet slightly from the mat. Place your hands straight to the side of your body lifting slightly from the mat. Keep your arms straight and start moving your arms up and down rapidly in rhythm to your breath. Inhale and exhale like you are panting quickly. Inhale to the count of one and exhale to the count of two. Continue until you reach 100. Release your neck, head and feet to the mat.


    Rest on your mat and breathe deeply through your nostrils and exhale deeply through your mouth. As you stabilize your core (abdominal muscles, back and thighs), slowly tilt your pelvis up lifting your hips off the ground slightly. Hold for ten seconds as you inhale through the nostrils and exhale deeply through your mouth. Release your back and hips slowly and lower to the ground. Repeat six to eight times.


    Bring your knees to your chest and rock slightly from left to right loosening your back and spine. Stretch your arms over your head and point your toes stretching out your body completely. Stretch deeply and feel as if your muscles are lengthening as you release the stretch. Relax your body as you inhale deeply through the nostrils filling your stomach with air. Exhale your breath through the mouth. Close your eyes and take a few moments to relax and rest on your mat.

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What Are the Benefits of Cilantro Tincture?

What Are the Benefits of Cilantro Tincture?

Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) is commonly known as coriander outside of the Americas. It is a common plant in southern Europe, North Africa and Southeast Asia and is utilized in cooking in many cuisines including Mexican, Chinese, Mediterranean, Indian, Texan and many more. Cilantro is also highly regarded for its healing properties and, depending on the culture or region in which it is used, is applied in different circumstances. These days, cilantro tinctures are increasingly popular, given that the tincture preserves the healing properties of the herb, making it easier to store and administer.

Reducing Metal Toxicity

    Cilantro tinctures are mostly known for helping to remove mercury and other toxic metals from the body. Those that consume generous amounts of tuna and other large fish in their diets can benefit from cilantro's ability to pull mercury and other metals such as lead and aluminum out of cells and, to a certain degree, carry it out of the system. This process is called chelation.

Digestive Aid

    Cilantro tinctures are also used as digestive aids. This herb has been found to prevent the formation of gas and, in cases where gas is already present, to force its release from the body, thus making it a common herbal cure for flatulence.


    Cilantro can also act as a diuretic, which means the herb can raise the rate or frequency of urination. Any cilantro tincture can be used to aid in this sense as well, though may be even more effective when combined with a cumin tincture or homemade brew of boiled cumin seeds.

Homemade Denture Adhesives

Dentures are false teeth that are made out of plastic or porcelain. They are used to replace teeth that are lost. To hold the dentures in place, an adhesive is used on the inside of the denture to ensure the device sticks to the gums. For those looking to save money or need a quick adhesive in a pinch, temporary denture adhesives can be made at home.

Peanut Butter

    Peanut butter will provide a temporary alternative to store bought denture adhesive. Combine 15 ounces of roasted peanuts that have the skin and shells removed, 1 tsp. of salt and 1 tsps. of honey in a food processor. Blend for one minute, scrape the mixture off of the sides of the food processor and blend for two minutes while slowly adding 1 tbsps. of peanut oil. Remove 1 tbsp. of the peanut butter from the processor and spread onto the inside of the denture. Place the denture in the mouth and bite down to secure the denture into place. If the peanut butter does not hold the denture into place, add more honey to the peanut butter, tsp. at a time, until the denture stays firmly in place. Store any leftover peanut butter in an air tight container in the refrigerator.


    To make a bubblegum denture adhesive, heat 1/3 cup of gum base in a microwave safe bowl for one minute. Stir the gum base and set aside. Pour cup of powdered sugar on a cookie sheet and make a well in the middle using your finger. Pour the gum base into the well of the powdered sugar and knead together using your hands. Once the powdered sugar is kneaded into the gum base, the mixture will feel stiff and the gum will be formed. Cut an inch by inch piece of the gum. Wet the inside of the denture with a damp paper towel so the gum will stick. Spread the cut piece of gum onto the inside of the denture, making sure it is spread across the entire denture. Place the denture in your mouth and bite down. If the gum is not sticky enough to hold the denture in place, add more heated gum base, a tsp. at a time until the desired stickiness is met. Leftover gum needs to be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil to prevent it from drying out.

How to Treat Hair Loss With Aromatherapy

How to Treat Hair Loss With Aromatherapy

Hair loss has many varied causes including, genetics, hormonal changes or medical issues and can be a problem for women and men, and in our culture many people do just about anything to avoid hair loss. However, aromatherapy offers hope for some people suffering from hair loss.



    Talk to your doctor before using aromatherapy to treat hair loss. They may want to explore why you're losing hair as this can indicate a health issue. They also may feel that aromatherapy may not work for you and have other suggestions for treating hair loss.


    Combine essential oils. Mix two drops Thyme, three drops Lavender, three drops Rosemary, three drops Cedrus atlantica and two drops Atlas Cedar Wood into a carrier oil of three ml of jojoba and 20 ml of grapeseed oil. Scottish dermatologists had great results in treating hair loss using this combination over the course of seven months.


    Try other essential oils that have been used for treating hair loss such as Bay, Cedarwood, Grapefruit, Jojoba oil, Lemon, Roman Chamomile and Ylang Ylang. Be sure you combine essential oils with a carrier oil such as grapeseed oil before massaging into scalp.


    Rub or massage the aromatherapy mixture into scalp for two minutes. Massaging the scalp in treating hair loss is vital.


    Wrap the scalp with a towel and leave on overnight.


    Rinse the scalp with a mild shampoo in the morning.

How to Relieve Sinus Allergies

Sinus allergies affect millions of people worldwide. A sinus allergy is caused by tiny particles in the atmosphere that enter your nose and lungs, including dust, microorganisms, hair and tiny insects. When these particles enter your nose, your immune system releases antibodies to engulf and expel them. A sinus allergy is your respiratory system's defense mechanism to invading particles trying to enter it. You can ease sinus allergies by using some simple natural remedies.



    Eat garlic. This popular herb contains the compound allicin, which boosts your immune system to help relieve sinus allergies and prevent infection. Eat this herb every day.


    Buy an antimicrobial air purifier. Air purifiers work by trapping allergens and tiny particles that cause sinus allergies. You can find a wide variety of antimicrobial air purifiers at your local ACE Hardware store and other stores.


    Eat grapes. Grapes contain a high amount of sinus allergy-fighting antioxidants. Grapes that are dark-colored, such as crimson grapes and black grapes, contain higher antioxidants than green ones. Eat a cup of grapes every day.


    Take neem tablets. This popular herb can lessen the inflammation associated with sinus allergies. The recommended dosage is 350 mg to be taken 2 to 6 times a day.


    Take echinacea tablets. This potent herb enhances your immune system to drain sinus congestion associated with sinus allergies. The recommended dosage is 380 mg twice a day, preferably 30 minutes before a meal.

Home Remedies for Allergies

Allergies can come and go, but are usually seasonal. Home remedies can help relieve the symptoms of allergies until you see a doctor, but if the allergy gets worse, then a doctor visit is needed. Causes of allergies include pollen and grass, pet dander, and certain foods and medications. Symptoms of allergies include runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, as well as sneezing and headaches.

Air Quality

    Having clean air in your home will help relieve the symptoms of allergies. Air conditioning will help relieve allergies as well.


    Vitamins such as B5 can help treat allergy symptoms as well as prevent them. Vitamin B5 should be taken in doses of 100 mg every day for a month to treat allergies and prevent future allergy symptoms.

Castor Oil

    By putting 5 drops of castor oil in 1/2 a cup of any kind of fruit or vegetable juice and drinking it on an empty stomach will help relieve allergies. You can also add the castor oil to plain water and drink it that way.


    Squeeze half a lime in a glass of lukewarm water and sweeten it with a teaspoon of honey. Drinking this lime, honey and water mixture will help relieve most kinds of allergy symptoms.


    Eat one or two bananas every day to help relieve allergies caused by certain kinds of foods. However, If you are sensitive to bananas, they can cause an allergic reaction and should be avoided.

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Innovative Hair Loss Solutions

Innovative Hair Loss Solutions

You've noticed that your hair is starting to fall out, and you are concerned. Your doctor has run tests and can find no medical reason for your hair loss. You are eating right and getting an adequate amount of exercise, all of which contribute to healthy hair. You take your vitamins and aren't vitamin deficient or anemic. It could be that your genetics are not working in your favor. However, there are some innovative approaches to battling hair loss.

Castor Oil

    Consider smearing castor oil on your scalp and onto your hair roots. According to Grannymed.com, this may help prevent hair loss, and you should see an improvement in a couple of months. After you have put the castor oil on your scalp and hair roots (but not on your hair), wrap your hair with a newspaper. Leave this concoction on overnight and rinse out in the morning. Use the castor oil treatment once every seven to ten days.

Geranium Leaves

    Another remedy for hair loss, according to Grannymed.com, is to blanch geranium leaves in boiling water, strain, cool and wash your hair with the geranium-infused water.

Egg Yolks

    Apply an uncooked egg yolk to your scalp and massage. Leave the egg yolk in place for one hour before washing out. Regrow-hair.org suggests that this will help strengthen your hair, discourage hair loss and encourage growth.


    Grind licorice into a bowl of milk. Apply the paste to the areas where your hair is thinning. The licorice will help promote hair growth, according to Ayurveda-herbal-remedy.com, which also recommends making a paste out of black pepper seeds and lemon and applying this to bald patches on your scalp. Carrot juice and alfalfa juice, which you drink, reportedly encourages hair growth, according to Ayurveda-herbal-remedy.com.


    Wash, peel and grate two white potatoes. Combine the potatoes with one teaspoon of vegetable oil, one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of salt and one egg yolk. Stir thoroughly. Apply the mixture to your scalp and to the entire length of your hair. Wrap your head in a towel and leave the potato mixture on your head for thirty minutes. Wash out and rinse using vinegar. According to Regrow-hair.org, potatoes are excellent for your hair and scalp and can encourage hair growth. Regrow-hair.org suggests that you try this remedy once a week.

Olive Oil

    Grannymed.com recommends rubbing olive oil into the scalp to reduce hair loss.

Coconut Oil

    Ayurveda-herbal-remedy.com suggests applying a mixture of lime juice and coconut oil to your hair and scalp on a daily basis to encourage hair growth and discourage hair loss. The site also recommends putting the juice of green coriander leaves on your hair and scalp.

Phytonutrient Treatments

Phytonutrients are naturally occurring chemical compounds in plants that are increasing being found to have profound medicinal and therapeutic effects on the human body. It is in the area of degenerative and age-related diseases that phytonutrients are becoming an accepted form of preventative and complementary medicine. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease may all be linked to our ignorance of the treatment potential that phytonutrients possess. Fortunately, the scientific community has caught the phytonutrient buzz, and many studies are now being conducted on specific fruits and vegetables and their phytonutrient compounds that may prove to be potent treatments for many of today's health concerns.


    There are as many types of phytonutrients as there are colors, smells and tastes in fruit and vegetables. However, some nutrients have already made their claim to fame in the public eye and are becoming household words. Lycopene is responsible for the bright red color of tomatoes and is showing potential in cancer prevention, according to the USDA. Isoflavones from soy reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers, and flavinoids from blueberries may reverse nerve cell aging, according to the USDA.


    Phytonutrients are compounds that have very specific effects on various cells and organ-functioning in the human body, and a wide variety of them have been found to affect cancerous cells. In a study published in the journal "Nutrition and Cancer" in September 2001, there is a strikingly large amount of natural phytonutrients that mediate cancer risk through their interactions with molecular processes that influence cancerous cells. The researchers mention selenium, found in garlic; resveratrol, found in grapes; and genistein, found in soybeans, as some of the most active phytonutrients in terms of cancer treatment. A phytonutrient treatment for cancer would include eating garlic with meals along with red wine or grape juice and using soy instead of red meat products whenever possible.

Heart Disease

    Heart disease is a common health condition that many in the medical community link to dietary factors like fat intake and lack of adequate amounts of proper phytonutrients. In a study published in the "Journal of the American College of Cardiology" in May 2003, researchers gave a phytonutrient supplement called Juice Plus to volunteers who were also fed a high-fat meal intended to affect coronary health. They found that four weeks of supplementation with the phytonutrient supplement prevented the adverse coronary effects of the high-fat diet. Juice Plus is made up of the dehydrated concentrates of 17 different fruits, vegetable and grains including cranberry, tomato, acerola cherry and broccoli and is taken in two daily doses of two capsules each time with meals.

Brain Health

    Many phytonutrients have been found to have profound beneficial effects on brain functioning and may even be a treatment to reverse age-related mental deterioration. A study published in "The Journal of Neuroscience" in September 1999 found that spinach, blueberries and strawberries possess antioxidant phytonutrients that can stop age-related declines in neural and cognitive functioning. The dosage for fresh fruit and vegetables in this study was 10-20 grams per kilogram of body weight per day of each food source, which would equal about a pound of fresh fruit and vegetables a day for an average person.


    The potential for more phytonutrient treatments for a variety of diseases to be discovered in the future is high and almost inevitable. What we do know is that bright-colored and flavorful fresh fruits, vegetables and spices are the highest concentrated sources of phytonutrients and that a diet rich in these substances may be able to substantially prevent and even treat a variety of health conditions.

Sciatic Pain Exercise

Sciatica is a painful set of symptoms that can cause pain in the leg, torso and back. There are different causes for this pain, all of which involve the sciatic nerve. When the sciatic nerve is irritated, one might assume that the best thing to do is rest in bed---but the opposite is true. When you are dealing with sciatic pain, you are actually better served to do sciatic pain exercises to relieve the irritation.

Sciatic Pain Exercise for the Back

    Problems with herniated discs often cause sciatic pain. One of the best exercises you can do to help relieve this pain is to lay on the ground or a very hard surface, stomach down. Put your hands on the round under your shoulders and push yourself off the ground, keeping your pelvis and hands on the floor. Hold the position for 30 seconds and release. Repeat 10 times.

Stretching the Spine to Relieve Sciatic Pain

    Another exercise to relieve sciatic pain is to lay in the prone position on your back. Slowly and gently pull your knees to your chest or as far as you can bring them, feeling a comfortable stretch. Hold for 30 seconds and then return to the prone position. Repeat four to six times.

    Another way to stretch the spine and relieve sciatic pain is to start on your hands and knees and then sit back on your heels. Slowly bring your chest and arms down in front of you and hold for 30 seconds and then return to the hands and knees. Complete four to six repetitions.

Supine Piriformis Stretches

    A piriformis stretch may help relieve sciatic pain. Lie back with your legs out in front of you. Pull the leg that is being affected toward your chest, holding your knee with the hand on the same side and grasping the ankle with your other hand. Leading with the ankle, pull the knee toward the opposite ankle just until you feel a stretch. Hold for 30 seconds and release. Repeat three times.

    A similar stretch will have you start laying on the floor with the leg that is hurting crossed over the other leg at the knee. Both knees should be slightly bent and slowly pull the lower knee up toward the chest just until a comfortable stretch is felt. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds and then slowly release to the starting position. Repeat three times.

Ointment Recipes

There are dozens of ointments and creams available on the market. Many of them are made with synthetic or chemical ingredients and those with sensitive skin sometimes experience serious allergic reactions to these preparations. One good solution to this problem is to substitute homemade ointments to soothe your aches and pains. They're easy to make and have the potential to soothe your aches just as well as their commercial counterparts.

Ointment for Aching Joints

    Many individuals suffer from aching joints, whether caused by work, arthritis, or some other type of illness. This natural ointment is designed to soothe those aches and pains.

    Start by gathering 2/3 cup of avocado butter, 1 tbsp. of menthol crystals, 1 cup of sesame oil and some eucalyptus and lemon essential oils.

    Mix the sesame seed oil and menthol in a double boiler, heat the mixture over moderate heat until the crystals melt. After the menthol melts, remove the mixture from the boiler and add the avocado butter, 10 drops of eucalyptus oil and 3 drops of lemon oil.

    Stir the mixture until it is well blended and pour into small jars with lids for storage. Use as often as necessary to soothe your aching knees, back, shoulders, or any other painful joint area.

Ointment for Aching Muscles

    Muscular aches and pains are not uncommon either, especially for those who work outside or play sports. This particular ointment is easy to make and is great for anyone who regularly seeks a way to ease muscle aches without taking oral medications.

    Start by gathering camphor essential oil, peppermint essential oil, rosemary essential oil, 1 tsp. of menthol crystals, and 8 oz. of sesame oil.

    Heat the oil and menthol crystals in a double boiler, until the crystals melt. Remove the mixture from the heat and add 5 to 10 drops of peppermint essential oil, 5 drops of rosemary essential oil, and 1/2 tsp. of camphor essential oil. Blend the ingredients thoroughly and store your oil in a bottle for easy application.

Healing Calendula Ointment

    Calendula ointments are great for a wide variety of healing needs, especially when it comes to soothing the itch associated with bug stings or bites, soothing small cuts or relieving the pain associated with mild burns.

    Making this ointment will take a couple of days but is simple to do. Start by making your own oil infused with calendula flowers. Place 32 oz. of olive oil in the top section of a double boiler and add 8 oz. of dried calendula petals and flowers. Bring the water in the double boiler to a simmer and allow it to simmer beneath the oil for an hour. Place a lid over the oil and flower mixture and it in a dark place until the next day. Refrigeration is not necessary. Repeat this once a day for three days. Strain the petals out of the mixture and store your infused oil in a dark colored bottle.

    To make the actual ointment you'll need 3 oz. of beeswax, 2 oz. of cocoa butter, and a 1/2 tsp. of vitamin E oil in addition to your prepared calendula oil. Heat all of the ingredients, along with 8 ounces of your calendula oil, over a double boiler until everything is melted and blended together.

    Remove the mixture from the heat and pour it into small pot-type jars and allow it to cool. If you want the ointment to last longer, store it in the refrigerator. Make a small batch at first to determine whether or not you like the consistency. If you'd like a softer ointment, reduce the amount of beeswax you use. If you'd like something firmer, add a little extra beeswax to your next batch.

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Home Remedy for Clogged Tear Ducts

According to the Mayo Clinic, a blocked tear duct is caused by an obstruction--either partial or complete--of the tear duct, making the tears not drain as they normally would. People with a blocked tear duct will have a watery and irritated eye because the tears cannot drain down the nose and evaporate as they normally would. While the eye may be sore, it can be more annoying than anything else. Luckily, it is a condition that can easily be treated at home.


    According to MamaHerb.com, a cucumber is an efficient way to heal a clogged tear duct. The cucumber is actually 90 percent water. Therefore, the moisture from the cucumber helps to rid the tear duct of whatever is blocking it. Using a vegetable peeler, peel off the outside of the cucumber. Then hold the cucumber shreds on the infected tear duct for 10 minutes. Repeat this three times each day for a week.

Warm Water

    Water is essential in flushing out the tear duct, but it has to be applied in a way that won't damage the eye. This can be done by dipping a washcloth in a cup of warm water. Then apply the cloth to the eye with the clogged tear duct for 10 minutes. With this method, it can take up to two weeks for the eye to completely heal. Since there is no danger from this remedy, it can be done multiple times per day.


    According to the Children's Specialists of San Diego, a simple eye massage can help to unclog a blocked tear duct. Since the part of the tear duct that is clogged is normally near the bottom where the tear duct drains into the nose. Start at the corner of the eye that is closest to the nose and apply light pressure. Slide the finger down toward the corner of the nose and repeat this motion 10 times. Applying slight pressure can loosen up the particle that is blocking the tear duct and allow the tears to flow freely.

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Yoga Twists to Improve Circulation in the Back

Yoga Twists to Improve Circulation in the Back

Twists are an important component of any well-rounded yoga practice. They help stimulate circulation to your entire back and spine, remove toxins from your organs and help increase mental focus, according to yoga instructor Julie Gudmestad in an article for "Yoga Journal." By performing isolated twists or incorporating a series of twists into your home yoga practice, you might experience these important physical and mental benefits.

Seated Twists

    There are a variety of seated twists that you can perform to increase circulation to your spine and alleviate tense back muscles. Some twists, like the Marichyasana III, or Marichi's Pose, are performed while seated on the floor, but others, such as Bharadvajasana, or Bharadvaja's Twist, can be modified so you can perform the pose while seated in a chair. Seated twists are particularly beneficial for those who must sit for long hours at work because they can help alleviate the tension that accumulates in your back. To perform a simple seated twist, sit toward the front of your chair with your feet flat on the floor. Bring your left hand to the outside of your right thigh. Twist to the right and look over your right shoulder. Hold this pose for a few breaths, then release and repeat on the left side.

Supine Twists

    Reclining, or supine, twists are performed while lying on the floor. In addition to increasing circulation to your back, these twists can improve your breathing, alleviate aches and pains and induce feelings of rejuvenation and relaxation, according to yoga instructor Claudia Cummins in an article for "Yoga Journal." To perform an easy reclining twist, lie on the floor on a yoga mat or blanket. Stretch your legs out straight and relax your arms by your sides. Inhale and bend your left knee in to your chest. Twist your body over to the right, bringing your left knee as close to the floor as possible while keeping your hips firmly planted on the floor. Keep your right leg straight. Look over your left shoulder. Stay here for 30 seconds, then release and repeat on the left side.

Standing Twists

    Standing twists are usually more challenging yoga poses, like the Revolved Triangle or the Revolved Side Angle, that require a good sense of balance. These advanced twists help build heat and direct energy toward your spine, says Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor Mariko Bhakti Hirakawa in an article for her website. If you're not quite ready for these advanced poses, you can experience some of the benefits of standing twists by performing the basic Standing Spinal Twist. Stand with your feet touching and your head, neck and spine in alignment. Inhale and raise your arms straight out in front of you, palms facing each other. Exhale and rotate your waist to the right, maintaining the same distance between your palms. Inhale and return to center. Repeat on the left side.


    If you experience pain or strain while practicing these poses, stop and seek medical attention if necessary. Consult your doctor before practicing these poses if you are new to yoga or if you have a spine or back condition. You should never force your spine to rotate past your level of comfort -- only twist as far you can without causing troublesome symptoms. Over time, you will be able to twist more deeply as your level of flexibility improves.

Naturopathic Remedies for Vertigo

Have you ever felt the room spinning around you when actually nothing is moving? Do you feel as if you are swaying or your surroundings are revolving when there is no motion? These are classical symptoms of vertigo, which, itself, is nothing but another telltale sign of balance disorder. The general causes of vertigo are either some malfunction in the brain or an imbalance in the inner ear. Vertigo needs to be taken seriously, because it can be a symptom of a more serious problem. These days there are a lot of naturopathic remedies for vertigo that are more effective than the conventional medical and surgical treatments that may or may not solve the problem.

Natural Remedies

    Piracetam is a derivative of an amino acid known as GABA or gamma aminobutyric acid. This chemical has been used for treating aged patients with a good rate of success; however, Piracetam, also known as Nootropil, can only be acquired by prescription.
    Ginkgo biloba is a natural compound derived from the maidenhair tree. Use of this substance enhances the blood circulation in the small blood capillaries of the inner ear. A recent study, conducted for a duration of 3 months, proved that out of 67 vertigo patients, 47 percent of the patients who took Ginkgo biloba every day were completely healed in comparison with a mere 18 percent in the placebo group.
    Other natural herbs include Tanacetum parthenium or feverfew, which enhance the blood circulation and reduce inflammation. Vinpocetine is a natural brain stimulant derived from the periwinkle plant, which helps in enhancing the oxygen supply to the brain.


    Hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can also be used to help the patient in dealing with vertigo. The subconscious mind is a powerful tool that can be used to retrain the mind and to prevent episodes of dizziness.


    Homeopathic preparations, such as Vertigoheel, Ambra grisea D6, anamirta cocculus D4 and many other such homeopathic treatments, have also been found effective to an extent in the treatment of symptoms of vertigo.

Tai chi

    Tai chi has also been seen effective in decreasing vertigo-related symptoms in patients. When a study was conducted with 22 people afflicted with balance disorders for an 8-week period, significant improvement in symptoms was observed

Lifestyle Changes

    Patients with vertigo are advised to avoid all caffeine-containing products. It's also advised that products like chocolates, salt, fruits, drugs, alcohol and aspartame should not be consumed.

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Dangers of Salt Table Lamps

Dangers of Salt Table Lamps

Salt lamps are made from large salt crystals that have been hollowed out to make room for a bulb or candle. The salt crystals for salt lamps are mined in Russia, central Europe and the Himalayas. When the light bulb or candle is lit, the heat causes the salt lamps to emit negative ions. It is believed by many that these negative ions have a positive health benefit. As with anything that has claims to health benefits, please consult your physician and use caution.

Leaving the lamp unattended

    Never leave your salt table lamp unattended. There are risks of fire with both the candle version and the light bulb version. The candle can tip and start a fire, and any electrical device can spark to start a fire. If you leave the area, turn it off. You will still get any benefits available from the salt lamp when you are present in the room.

No Protective Base

    Salt lamps attract water, so if there isn't a protective base attached, then water will accumulate at the bottom of the lamp. The bottom of the lamp is typically where the electrical cord is coming in for the light bulb. If the condensation from the outside of the lamp can't go into a protective base to evaporate, then it could cause some serious fire issues when it comes into contact with the electrical cord.

Base isn't securely attached

    Crystal salt lamps can get fairly heavy. The base, in addition to catching the condensation that the warm salt lamp attracts, is what holds the lamp upright and keeps it stable. If the base isn't securely attached, then the lamp could be bumped and knocked to the floor. Not only could this be dangerous for whatever it lands on, but if the lightbulb (or candle if it is a candle holder) is lit, then this could cause a fire.

How to Use Kangen Water to Cure Chronic Fatigue

Kangen water is a purified type of drinking water that has been marketed with emphasis on its health effects. Kangen water is alkaline water that has been purged of any type of chemicals or contamination. Some patients have used Kangen water as an alternative treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome. If you do decide to try Kangen water to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, you should first speak with your doctor.



    Purchase an ionizer system in order to produce Kangen water. In order to access this type of water, you need to purchase an ionized electrolysis water generator. The water works its way through the system in order to make Kangen water. You can buy one of these systems through Kangen Water USA.


    Produce the Kangen water with your water ionizer. Many of the smaller units take approximately 30 minutes to make about 3 gallons of ionized water. You can store the ionized water for later use.


    Drink at least eight to 10 glasses of Kangen water as a way to help with chronic fatigue syndrome. Since many people enjoy the taste of ionized water, you'll be more likely to drink larger quantities. By drinking Kangen water, you are eliminating aluminum from your diet since other beverages contain traces of aluminum. According to a study done by George M. Tamari, Ph.D., printed on the Pain Research Institute website, diseases linked to aluminum toxicity include Alzheimer's disease and chronic fatigue syndrome. The toxic elements are eliminated from your body and replaced by nutritional elements supplied by the Kangen water. The filter used to create the Kangen water filters out the aluminum as well as uses ultraviolet light to kill any microorganisms that may be in the water.


    Avoid tap water, soft drinks, beer and alcohol. If you are drinking ionized Kangen water to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, then these drinks should be avoided since they may have traces of aluminum.

How to Treat Acne With Burdock Root

How to Treat Acne With Burdock Root

Acne can be an embarrassing problem. It's also something that can be controlled using a combination of a good diet, a smart exercise program and the right herbs.

One of the best herbs I've found for skin problems like acne is burdock root. For best results, you need to apply it to the skin and also take it internally. Most people see results after about a month so give it a chance. This isn't a quick fix, but it does work.



    Add water and herbs to the medium saucepan.


    Set stove to medium-high and bring to a boil. Leave saucepan uncovered.


    Once it comes to a boil, turn the heat down to low. Simmer until the liquid is reduced to about half.


    Take about 1/2 cup internally two to three times a day. Also, dab the liquid onto the affected skin using a cotton ball in the morning and at night.

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Diet Supplements for Parkinson's

Parkinson's disease is a disease of the central nervous system. The disorder progresses as the brain's nerve cells that control movement degrade and die. The dead cells in turn cause hand tremors, facial rigidity and movement problems. Parkinson's Disease normally affect men and women alike after the age of 60, but a small percentage of individuals suffer from the disease at younger ages. Although there is no cure for Parkinson' disease, there are beneficial diet supplements available that can help delay the progression and alleviate symptoms.

Vitamin C and E

    According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, studies have shown that a combination of vitamin C and E in high dosages helps protect sufferers of Parkinson's disease by slowing down the progression of the disease. The vitamins must be taken together in order to get the desired effect. When combined, vitamin C stops dopamine-cell destruction while vitamin E works as a fat soluble solution. At least 1,000mg of vitamin C should be taken three times daily, as well as 800 IU of vitamin E four times daily. Although more results are needed to confirm all the benefits of the vitamins, the results thus far are promising. Consult with your health care professional for more information.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    Per the University of Maryland Medical Center, omega-3 fatty acids help with Parkinson's disease because of its effects on neurological health. Omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish oil, help individuals maintain a healthy neurological system. The University of Maryland Medical Center also suggests to choose omega-3 fatty acid supplements carefully. Avoid omega-3 fatty acid supplements that contain high levels of vitamin A, which have the potential to become hazardous when taken in high doses. Consult with your physician as to which omega-3 fatty acids would be the most beneficial for you.

Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B6 has a positive influence on various functions of the body, including regulating blood glucose levels, producing hemboglobin and helping to break down carbohydrates and fats. Vitamin B6 has also been used to reduce the side effects of the medications prescribed to Parkinson's disease patients. However, per the University of Maryland Medical Center, vitamin B6 may also interfere with the metabolism of some medications, reducing their efficacy. Because of this, the consumption of Vitamin B6 should always be taken under your physician's advice.

How to Make Old Time Onion Plaster for Chest Congestion

Old-fashioned remedies are often the best for minor aches and pains, or to help relieve symptoms of colds and flus. Such remedies and recipies have been passed down from generation to generation, are relatively inexpensive, and can often be made with items, herbs and foods already in the home. Before the days of prescription medications and modern cold and flu medications, people used to make effective poultices or plasters to help relieve chest congestion caused by colds, flu or mild cases of bronchitis.



    Gather three to four medium or large yellow or brown onions and peel. Slice the onions into quarters. Place into the top of a steamer. While onions are steaming, prepare a piece of cheesecloth. Purchase cheesecloth at your local supermarket or natural food store, or you can make your own purchasing a one-half yard of very thin muslin from your local fabric store. Open the cheesecloth or piece of muslin into a large square, or double if it's really large so that you end up with a piece that may be folded into a piece that measures approximately 6 to 7 inches by about 5 inches.


    Steam-cook the onions until soft. Allow to cool slightly. Using a slotted spoon, lift pieces of cooked onion from the steamer and place in the middle of a piece of cheesecloth, approximately 10-inch-by-10-inch, or smaller, depending on the side of the individual you are treating. A small child can use a smaller square.


    Fold the cheesecloth or strip of cheesecloth or muslin over and around the onions, pressing out excess liquid as you fold. Tie off or fasten the ends of the cheesecloth with a knot or safety pins to prevent onion stips from falling out.


    Place the onion plaster or poultice on the chest of the individual suffering from chest congestion. The plaster or compress should be warm, but not warm enough to burn the skin or otherwise cause discomfort.

TCM Fibromyalgia Treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, treats the entire body and not just the disease. Unlike western medicine, TCM holds that everything functions by way of the life force called the chi (pronounced "chee"). TCM teaches that each body system has a chi force that governs it. When the force is blocked or unbalanced, it causes disease. In the case of fibromyalgia, TCM's view is that the body is out of balance due to stress, lifestyle, and the environment---so TCM works to remove the block, in order to elevate the condition.

Fibromyalgia and its Symptoms

    Fibromyalgia is a set of symptoms that affect mostly women---each woman differently---and doesn't show up on any standard test. These symptoms can include aching pain covering the entire body, insomnia, fatigue, and depression.

Chinese Medicine

    According to an article entitled, "Chinese Medicine for Fibromyalgia," written by Wei Liu, TCMD, LAC and Changzhen Gong, PhD, MS, "The approach of Chinese medicine is to differentiate symptoms into patterns of disease, and then treat the patterns based on centuries of clinical experience."

Qi Gong (Meditation and Exercise)

    The concept behind Qi Gong is promoting the flow of the Qi (chi) and blood in the body. This is attained by several sessions of meditation and non-strenuous exercise to reduce the stress that cause blockage.

    Walking, yoga, and Tai chi are encouraged, as these exercises don't cause excessive amounts of stress to the body. Instead, they act to relieve stress on trigger points and promote circulation. It is recommended, however, that you rest a day between exercise sessions so as to not induce stress and to allow the body to recover.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

    Bai shao (white dahlia root), is prescribed as anti-inflammatory agent to relieve pain.

    Qin Jiao (bitter root) is prescribed to relieve muscle pain.

    Du Huo (angelica Root) is prescribed to relieve pain.

    Yan Hu Suo (squirrel corn) is said to rejuvenate the blood and promote flow of the Qi.

    Yu Jin (Turmeric Root) is also used to alleviate pain.


    Although there has been improvement of pain symptoms and sleep disorders reported in smaller group studies, there hasn't been a controlled study done to show that the use of acupuncture is effective, according to a July 5, 2005 article in the Annals of Internal Medicine.


    If you are pregnant, you should consult your doctor before taking any herbs. It is also important that you not over-medicate when taking Chinese herbs. More is not always better.

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Home Remedy for Vomiting

Vomiting involves the removal of stomach contents up from the esophagus and out of the body. Though unpleasant, it protects the body from harmful substances and is usually accompanied by nausea. It can be caused by many things such as too much alcohol, pregnancy, chemotherapy, food poisoning, viral infections or motion sickness. The best way to stop vomiting is to treat the underlying cause. However, if vomiting is the only or main symptom, there are many herbal home remedies which are effective. These treatments are specifically for vomiting and may alleviate nausea indirectly but are not meant for nausea only.

Herbal Teas

    There are herbal teas that are very good for treating vomiting. Agrimony tea contains astringent substances that reduce the amount of fluids in the esophagus, which can help prevent vomiting. Use 1 teaspoon of the loose herb in 1 cup of water and drink up to three times daily. Fennel seed tea relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract and helps stop vomiting as well as alleviating any pain, indigestion or acid regurgitation that may occur with it. Drink 1 cup up to three times daily in tea bag form. Do not use fennel seed if you have an estrogen-sensitive disorder such as breast cancer, endometriosis or fibrocystic breasts. Ginger tea stops vomiting and nausea. Drink 1 cup up to five times a day in tea bag form.

Herbal Supplements

    There are two tinctures that are also helpful. Codonopsis treats vomiting and diarrhea. This can only be used under professional supervision. Scutellaria is useful for vomiting which results from viral infections. It has substances that weaken the virus and can control accompanying vomiting. Take 1 to 1/ teaspoons in cup of water up to three times daily. Do not use scutellaria if diarrhea is present. There is also a traditional Chinese formula which has a long history of use for vomiting. Five Ingredient Powder with Poria reduces fluids in the digestive track.

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Eastern Wisdom Health Basics

Eastern Wisdom Health Basics

Ancient Eastern healing wisdom provides a holistic approach to your health that focuses on the body being energetically connected to the entire universe. Instead of focusing on healing symptoms, like most Western medicine does, it focuses on bringing together the mind, spirit, and body to heal the overall cause of current health problems and to prevent future problems.


    Many different approaches can be adapted from the ancient history of Eastern health wisdom. These approaches are very different than the approach of most Western nations.

    Naturopathy: The primary belief of naturopathy is rooted in the idea that toxins pollute your body and congest the organs responsible for elimination. Exercise, hydrotherapy, diet therapy, massage, herbal medicines and fasting are believed to help your body release these toxins.

    Chinese Medicine: The root belief of Chinese medicine is to balance 'chi' or energy in your body---yin and yang energy. Acupuncture and acupressure are used to guide the flow of your energy through channel points believed to be in your body called meridians. Chinese herbs also have healing properties useful to your body.

    Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is an ancient art that uses essential oils. Each oil is believed to have a different effect on your mind, body, or spirit. The oils are use to relax and revitalize you.

    Ayurveda: The ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda focuses on changing your lifestyle. Herbs, nutrition, exercise, yoga, massage, rest and meditation are all used in this practice to balance your body, mind, and spirit. In Ayurveda, your body is viewed as sharing and being one with the energies of the entire universe. It is believed to be essential that you balance these energies in order to maintain good health. Ayurveda seeks to look at your entire lifestyle to determine your overall health, rather than the symptoms of that lifestyle.

    Reiki: Positive healing in Reiki is believed to be further supported with a healer that channels 'universal life energy' through the parts of your body that are in need.


    Each form of Eastern health wisdom has its own history. Hippocrates, the Greek physician and father of medicine, was the first to use the naturopathic idea of light, touch, temperature, food, herbs and water to treat illnesses.

    Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, which originated in India, are over 5,000 year old practices. Both focus on the flow of energy. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that sickness is due to blocks in the flow of chi through your body. Ayurveda means "knowledge of life" in Sanskrit.

    A consistent theme in Eastern health wisdom is the flow of energy relating to the health of the body. This is also true with Reiki, which means 'universal life energy' in Japanese.


    Many Eastern approaches to health focus on the mind and body connection to well-being. Dr. Susan Everson, of the American Public Health Institute in Berkeley, California showed the importance of this connection by studying the attitudes of 942 people toward life and the effects on their arteries under ultrasound scans. Dr. Everson concluded that giving up hope had the same effect on the arteries of a middle-aged person as smoking 20 cigarettes a day.


    Drugs often have side effects that can be avoided through using Eastern healing methods. Also, there is a greater emphasis on preventative care, which can help you avoid illnesses altogether. Many traditional medicines focus on alleviating symptoms rather than healing the original cause of the problem.


    Many herbs have side effects. It's important to be familiar with an herb before using it.

    Fasting is believed to detoxify your body. However, if fasting is makes you feel stressed your body could release stress chemicals that are harmful to your health.


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How to Get Rid of Cholesterol with Home Remedies

Simple and effective home remedies to get rid of cholesterol.



    Eat food containing Lecithin that breaks down the cholesterol in the body. The foods containing lecithin include egg yolk, vegetable oils, wholegrain cerals, soyabean and unpasturised milk.


    Eat vitamin rich foods such as those that are rich in vitamins B, B6 and E. Vitamin B rich fodds include wheatgerm, yeast and bran. Vitamin E foods include sunflower seeds, safflower, sprouted seeds, grians and soyabean oils.


    Boil a teaspoon full of coriander seeds in a glass of water. Filter and drink after the solution has been brought to room temperature. Regular intake of this solution helps fight cholesterol levels in the body.


    Eat fiber rich foods. These foods include wheat bran, rice, wheat, rye, potatoes, turnips, carrots, lady's fingers and celery. Oat bran and corn bran also lower LDL cholesterol levels.


    Drink one teaspoon basil ishabgul oil twice daily to help reduce cholesterol.

How to Update a Rife Machine

How to Update a Rife Machine

Rife machines can be "virtual" (software programs). You can update such Rife machine programs online. Rife machines, also called rife devices, are for experimentation or alternative medicine treatment of certain health problems. Distributors of such devices have claimed that they destroy microorganisms such as bacteria, or diseased cells such as cancer cells. According to an article from the American Institute of Physics, some evidence may support this claim. However, the treatment claims have not been supported by medical research and have resulted in serious actions by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.



    Use the update feature of your program or go directly to the website that provides software updates. For example, if your program is Timo Esser's Rife Generator 3.1, you can check for updates at Esser Audio or ShareIt.com.


    Download the update, following any instructions provided with the update.


    Follow the instructions for loading the update into the proper directory or installing the software. You may need to unzip the file first. There may be a "readme" file with updated instructions.


    Use the Rife machine program and check to see that you are now using the updated version. Contact the software provider if the update fails.

Beta Blocker Substitutes

Beta Blocker Substitutes

Doctors use beta blockers to treat congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, chest pain and abnormal heart rhythms. For patients who develop unpleasant side effects when taking beta blockers and for asthma patients who can't take beta blockers, some doctors suggest trying beta blocker substitutes. These alternatives may relax the patient, thus preventing adrenaline surges that can cause stress when the heart works harder to pump more blood and oxygen.


    The herbal passionflower works as a calming and relaxing agent and causes no side effects. Health food stores carry the tinctures, liquid extracts, teas and capsules of passionflower. Researchers believe that passionflower increases gamma-aminobutyric acid level, lowering brain cell activity and reducing anxiety. Steep 1 tsp. of dried passionflower into 1 cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain and drink. Repeat this remedy three to four times each day.

Chamomile Tea

    Chamomile tea has a reputation as a successful relaxation therapy. Drink as little as 1 cup to control blood pressure. Health food stores sell dried chamomile flower heads, which you can steep in boiling water for 10 minutes before drinking. Drink chamomile tea when the tea has just brewed and has a fragrant aroma. Chamomile tea can cause drowsiness, and people taking blood thinners and pregnant women should not drink chamomile tea. Drink chamomile tea in moderation.


    Take garlic as an alternative to a beta blocker for high blood pressure. You can ingest garlic in powder, extract, juice, raw, syrup or tincture form to help lower blood pressure. Diabetics should not increase garlic intake, as it can lower the blood sugar level when taken in conjunction with diabetes medicine. People who take anticoagulant drugs should ask a doctor about increasing garlic intake, as garlic has anti-clotting properties. Garlic can also cause heartburn and flatulence. Consult with a health practitioner to determine the correct dosage of garlic.

Natural Cures for Ticks

Natural Cures for Ticks

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a Lyme disease vaccine is no longer available. Lyme disease is transmitted by bites from deer ticks. Ticks are small members of the arachnid family that live in woodsy areas and feed on the blood of humans and animals. While the infection is not always present, if it is, it can be transmitted from animals to humans and vise versa. There are many natural ways to prevent exposure and possible infection without the use of harsh chemicals.


    Avoiding tick bites negates the need for a cure. There are several natural home remedies to keep ticks away from humans and pets. The first step is as simple as mowing your lawn frequently, so ticks can't hide in the tall grass. Mixing four teaspoons of neem oil with a gallon of water and spraying over a freshly mowed lawn is a natural tick repellent. Rose geranium oil is a natural substance that can be applied to both humans and pets to keep ticks away, as does eucalyptus. . Always shower as soon as possible after trekking through areas that are overgrown, or that are known to be infested with ticks, and check your clothing, your person and your pets carefully. If you find a tick, even if it has not latched on, dispose of it by flushing it down a toilet or dropping it into some rubbing alcohol. Do not attempt to crush it with your fingers, as certain infections can still spread with contact.


    Removing a tick must be done carefully to avoid leaving part of the tick in the body. Using some sort of protection on your hand, such as latex gloves or a tissue, grasp the tick with a pair of pointed tweezers, getting as close to the skin as possible. Pull firmly and steadily, being careful not to twist the tick until it slides out. Wash the bite area immediately with soap and water and apply a mild disinfectant. After removal, you may want to place the tick in a small jar with a lid or tape it to a piece of paper. Watch the wound area for the appearance of a rash. Also look for signs of a fever. It may take up to 30 days for an infection to appear.


    Even if you do not contract Lyme disease or any other infection commonly carried by ticks, you may have some discomfort after receiving a tick bite. Apply ice wrapped in a cloth to prevent skin

    damage, or a cold compress at the site to help ease swelling. Rubbing a small amount of honey on the wound will help prevent infection. Honey is sterile and bacteria can't live in it. You will still need to watch for signs of a rash because it is caused by a different type of infection and requires the treatment of a physician.

Alternative Medicine for Acid Indigestion

Acid indigestion occurs when excess stomach acids move back into the esophagus. This results in an uncomfortable burning sensation in the stomach. To treat acid indigestion, you need to protect the stomach lining and reduce the amount of acid build-up in your stomach. Alternative medicine is most effective when used in combination with dietary modifications. The University of Maryland Medical Center and Dr. Andrew Weil, alternative medicine author and physician, offer several suggestions.

Natural Supplements

    Certain natural supplements can ease inflammation, reduce acid production and promote overall gastrointestinal health, all of which are beneficial for managing this condition. Before using any natural supplement, consult your doctor or another health-care professional who has experience in alternative medicine. Most supplements are safe, but, like pharmaceutical drugs, some are not appropriate if you are taking certain medications or have a medical condition. Working with a health-care provider experienced in natural treatments is the best way to design a natural treatment plan and receive proper guidance.
    The following supplements can be beneficial for treating acid indigestion: fish oil, one to two capsules daily, resveratrol, 50 to 200 mg daily, DGL-licorice, 250 to 500 mg three times a day one hour before or two hours after a meal, turmeric, 300 mg three times a day, and cat's claw, 20 mg three times a day, all for inflammation; probiotics, as directed, for gastrointestinal health; melatonin, 2 to 6 g at bedtime, to protect the stomach; L-glutamine, 500 to 1,000 mg, three times daily, for gastrointestinal support.
    Digestive enzymes, which contain substances that help break down food, can also help; take as directed on the product label. Drinking chamomile or ginger tea when indigestion strikes can also provide relief.

Complementing Alternative Treatments

    What you eat is a major factor in acid indigestion, and to reap maximum benefit from treatments, alternative or conventional, you need to watch what you eat. Avoid spicy foods, citrus fruits and juices, alcohol, caffeine in all forms including chocolate and carbonated drinks. You might find that other foods or drinks worsen your indigestion; tracking what you eat can help you identify your personal triggers.
    How you eat is also important. Eat more slowly and avoid eating large amounts of food at one time; you might benefit from spreading your food intake over several smaller meals rather than three big ones. Drink after your meals rather than during.

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How to Treat a Sunburn With Oatmeal

How to Treat a Sunburn With Oatmeal

Oatmeal can be an effective home remedy to treat milder forms of sunburn, since it has been used for centuries for all types of skin conditions. By dissolving oatmeal into a cool bath, and soaking immediately after exposure to the sun, you may be able to avoid peeling, blistering and tenderness.



    Fill an old sock full of oatmeal. Uncolored tube socks will work the best. You can use any type of organic rolled oats or even colloidal oatmeal, which are oats that have been ground into a fine powder to aid dissolution in water.


    Fill your bathtub full, using cool to lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water in the bath, since the heat can remove the natural oils from your body, and dry out your skin even further. Remember that dry skin is itchy, peeling skin, especially after sunburn.


    Drop the sock filled with the oatmeal into the bath and let it soak for a few minutes. You may want to drag the sock around the perimeter of the bathtub a few times to speed up the dissolving process. If you're using colloidal oatmeal, you can skip this step since it will dissolve much more quickly than rolled oats.


    Get into the bathtub and soak for at least 30 minutes. Use caution in getting in and out of the tub, since the oatmeal can make the sides and bottom of the tub quite slippery.


    Stand up in the tub and carefully rinse the residue of the oatmeal from your skin with cool, clear water.


    Dry yourself with a thick, soft towel, taking care not to aggravate the sunburn further by rubbing back and forth. Dab gently until you are completely dry.


    Use an additional oatmeal mask to treat a sunburn on your face. Mix one egg white and a few drops of olive oil into some cooked oatmeal, and mix until the consistency is smooth. Once the oatmeal has cooled off to the point where it will be soothing rather than alarming, apply it to your face in an even coat. Wait until it has dried completely, and then rinse the mask off with cool water.

Natural Solutions for Joint Pain

Joint pain is a fairly common problem. It is also known as arthritis and can debilitate a person. There are lots of different types of arthritis but the most common type is osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease. There are many different types of treatments for joint pain including prescription drugs, over the counter drugs and natural treatments.


    Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb that is also gentle enough to be used by pregnant women to treat morning sickness. Just a moderate dosage of ginger can inhibit the formation of inflammatory pain causing prostaglandins.


    Turmeric is a culinary herb that inhibits the enzyme Cox two, while keeping Cox one levels steady. Curcumin in turmeric can reduce inflammation. Cox one protects the stomach and regulates blood flow to the kidneys, while cox two enzymes inhibit pain. Cox one should never be inhibited.

Glucosamine Sulfate

    Glucosamine sulfate is a form of amino sugar that can work for joint pain in two different ways. The first way is to stop the breakdown of cartilage. It can also stop the inflammation cycle. It is a great supplement to help relieve joint pain.


    Chondroitin can improve joint mobility and slow down cartilage loss. It may be very effective in treating arthritis pain.


    MSM, also known as methylsulfonylmethane, has certain molecules that can help ease joint pain and build amino acids, like collagen. Cartilage is formed by collagen.

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How to Deal With Head Lice in Dreadlocks

Head lice is an unpleasant problem in any kind of hair, but to have head lice with dreadlocks takes the misery to a whole new level. The chemical treatments simply are not as effective. Furthermore, the dreadlocks soak up and retain the poisonous chemicals, making the use of those harsh substances more dangerous. Fortunately, for those with dreadlocks, there is a better way to deal with the problem of head lice. It will require a significant investment of time, but that is a small price to pay to avoid having to shave your head and lose your dreads.



    Lay in a good supply of the items you'll need to complete the lice killing and removal process. For a person with shoulder length dreadlocks, three pounds of petroleum jelly, one gallon of vinegar, a large bottle of dish detergent and a large roll of plastic wrap should do the trick. Those with longer or shorter dreads can adjust the amount to their specific needs. It is very important not to skimp on either the petroleum jelly or the vinegar. It's better to have too much than too little.


    Apply a liberal amount of petroleum jelly to dreads and scalp. Make sure each dread, each hair and every bit of scalp is covered with a thick coating of the petroleum jelly. For mid-length dreads, about eight ounces will provide the right degree of coverage. This does a few things. First, it coats the live bugs, slowing them down dramatically and making it easy to catch and remove them. Those that are not caught and killed by hand will suffocate. Second, it coats the eggs and prevents those from getting oxygen as well, which should prevent the vast majority from hatching.


    After coating hair and scalp well and removing any visible lice, wrap hair and scalp in plastic wrap to prevent the petroleum jelly from staining clothing, furniture, and other items. Under ideal circumstances, the petroleum jelly should be left on for 24 hours. If that is not possible due to a work or school schedule, try to get at least 12 hours in.


    Remove plastic from head and use dish detergent to wash petroleum jelly out of hair. Regular shampoo will not work. It will require three to five applications of dish detergent to remove petroleum jelly.


    After washing out the petroleum jelly, soak dreads and scalp with vinegar. The vinegar helps to break down the lice eggs and the substances that allow the eggs to stick to the hair shafts. Wrap hair in plastic wrap again. Leave vinegar in hair for at least 12 hours.


    Wash vinegar out of hair and carefully look for lice eggs, removing any that can be seen. Let hair rest for the remainder of the day.


    Repeat the process--one day of petroleum jelly, one day of vinegar and one day of rest. That will bring you through the first week. At this point, all lice should be dead. However, if you missed a couple of the tiny eggs, seven to 10 days after the sighting of the initial lice, the eggs could hatch, starting your troubles all over again. Therefore, you will have to repeat this cycle two or three more times so that you disrupt the life cycle of the lice and ensure that they are indeed dead and gone.

At Home Candida Cleanse

All individuals with healthy systems have natural bacterias present in their bodies. One of these is Candida albicans, a yeast-like bacteria that helps regulate the intestinal tract and the immune system. Unfortunately, over time and often as a result of dietary habits, candida can multiply quickly and become too prevalent in the body. When there is a high amount of bacteria in the body, it can lead to a number of conditions. In many cases, a homemade cleanse can help to restore the body's natural bacteria balance and good health.


    Consuming a diet high in processed foods, which often include excessive amounts of sugars and fats, provides a welcoming environment for Candida to grow. This is because yeast naturally feeds off of sugar in order to grow. If you want to perform a Candida cleanse, cut all processed foods from your diet and replace them with fresh fruits, vegetables and protein sources such as meats without preservatives, eggs and nuts. All dairy products, items with added sugar and beverages other than water or natural fruit juices should be avoided entirely.

Bowel Cleanse

    To prepare the body for the process and to remove existing toxins in the intestines, do a colonic irrigation at the start of a Candida cleanse. A colonic irrigation will flush out the Candida bacteria from the system and allow you to start with a clean slate. A colonic irrigation must be performed by a professional, but if you are not comfortable with that process, an enema may be done in the privacy of your home, although the results will not be as thorough as with a colonic irrigation.

Resist Antibiotics

    One of the most crucial parts of a Candida cleanse is to stop taking any antibiotics. Antibiotics encourage candida in the body to proliferate at much higher than normal rates. Individuals who take antibiotics on a regular basis are optimal candidates for a Candida cleanse, as it is almost certain that their bodies have an excess amount of the bacteria.

Introduce Good Bacteria

    While a major part of a Candida cleanse is to remove the excessive amounts of Candida from the body, it is important to introduce "good" bacteria in its place, as many of the body's systems rely on the presence of bacteria to function properly. This is especially true in the case of the intestinal tract. Fortunately, introducing good bacteria into the body is simple. Taking an acidophilus supplement each day during a Candida cleanse will allow the healthy type of bacteria into your body. This "good" bacteria, when taken regularly, will help your body resist the proliferation of yeast.


    Although changing your diet, performing bowel cleanses and introducing good bacteria into your body with supplements may be enough to combat Candida proliferation at home, there are products on the market--such as Syntol and Rainbow Light Candida Cleanse--made to assist in the process. Usually in capsule form, these tablets introduce enzymes into the body that help combat yeast overgrowth and normalize bacteria levels. Treatments generally last 14 days.

Infant Gas Relief Exercises

When babies have excess gas, they become cranky. The trapped air bubbles in their tummy causes discomfort and they need relief. According to the It's a Mom's World website, gas is caused when the bacteria in a baby's tummy encounters or helps process sugar. This action releases gas. Sometimes, this gas becomes trapped, and causes your baby to feel pain. Before you rush to the doctor for a bottle of medicine, try some baby exercises to help relieve the gas pressure.

The Bicycle

    This is like the adult version of the bicycle. Lay your baby on her back on a padded surface, such as a folded blanket or sofa cushion. Gently grasp your baby by the legs and begin moving her legs as if they were pedaling a bicycle.

Leg Exercises

    Lightly grasp the baby's legs and move them toward his tummy, both at the same time. Then straighten his legs out. By moving the legs in this fashion, it will help the tummy gas to move through the baby's tummy.


    Bounce your baby on your lap or on an exercise ball. Remember to keep a firm hold on your baby and don't bounce her too hard as this can injure her.


    While holding your baby, place him belly-side down on an exercise ball. Gently roll him back and forth on the ball. This will help relieve some of the gas pressure the baby is feeling.