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Alternative Medicine for Calcium Deposits

While calcium is a necessary part of your nutritional intake, too much calcium in your blood is unhealthy. Calcium deposits are accumulations of calcium that have not been properly absorbed by your body; the accumulation of calcium can wind up in your soft tissues, and around joints. Calcium deposits, if left untreated, can cause bone spurs, kidney stones, gallstones, and urinary problems. There are some herbal remedies that you can take to control calcium accumulation and deposits.

Chicory Root and Hydrangea Root

    In Herbal Medicines for Common Ailments: A Quick Reference Guide, Dr. Rene M. Tshiteya identifies chicory root as a treatment for calcium deposits, particularly those that lead to gallstone formation, kidney stone formation, and urinary complications. Dr. Tshiteya recommends using chicory root tincture at a dosage of 40 drops diluted in a cup of warm water one hour before a meal or two hours after a meal. The remedy should be consumed three times a day until health issues subside. Dr. Tshiteya also recommends the use of hydrangea root for calcium deposits, at the same dosage offered for chicory root consumption.


    In The Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, author Gary Null explains that alfalfa is an herbal remedy that helps to prevent both the onset of arteriosclerosis as well as the accumulation of calcium deposits. Alfalfa is also an herb that is a source of skin nourishment; it ensures the healthy growth of your nails and hair, and it even contains chlorophyll which is a natural protective agent against cancer formations. This herb has a flavor that is both salty and bitter; it can be consumed as a tea to fend off calcium deposits. You can steep 1 ounce of alfalfa dried leaves in a pint of hot water for a period of 20 minutes. You can consume the herb at a dosage of two cups daily. You can also add fresh Alfalfa seeds to your salads for consumption; add 6 teaspoons of the herb to your salads a day for improved health conditions.


    In Searching for Health, author Robert J. Peshek explains that the accumulation of Calcium bicarbonate deposits around the joints in your fingers result in stiff fingers when you first awaken in the morning hours. Peshek also explains that increasing phosphorus levels improves the condition, because it dissolves calcium deposits. Phosphorus is one of the most plentiful natural minerals in your body. This mineral naturally filters the kidneys of waste and this can help prevent the formation of kidney stones caused by calcium deposits. Phosphorus intake also helps to digestive processes by breaking down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

    Good food sources for phosphorus include carbonated beverages, dairy products, dried fruit, eggs, fish, garlic cloves, hard potatoes, legumes, meat, nuts, poultry, protein-rich foods, and whole grains. Adult men and women require 700 milligrams of phosphorus daily for optimal health while pregnant and breast feeding women require as much as 1250 milligrams a day. It is important to note that excessive phosphorus intake can result in calcification of soft tissues and organs in your body as well as diarrhea.

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Natural Cures for Blocked Arteries

Natural Cures for Blocked Arteries

Whether you are battling arterial disease or just trying to prevent atherosclerosis or arteriosclerosis, you will find there are numerous natural aids readily available. The following are just a few of the natural means that, together, will help you in your fight against arterial disease.


    Use less sugar and more honey in breakfast meals, recipes and beverages. Enjoy at least one teaspoon each of honey and lemon juice mixed in 8 ounces of water prior to going to bed and upon waking.


    Increase your consumption of foods rich in anti-oxidants, bioflavonoids, lecithin, pectin and vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Select fruits like apples, oranges and lemons. Lemon peel is a tasty addition to many dishes and, like other fibrous fruits, contains pectin. Garlic, onions and parsley head the list for vegetables. A great source of lecithin is the soy bean.

Fatty Acids

    Include foods with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids like salmon, trout, tuna, cloves, cauliflower, cabbage, corn oil, walnuts and flax, mustard and pumpkin seeds.


    Natural supplements are found in various stores, online, or by personal sales. Image by author.

    When seeking higher amounts of anti-oxidants, omega 3 and 6, bioflavonoids, lecithin, pectin and vitamin C, consider natural dietary supplements.


    Ginkgo bilboa, green tea, and hawthorn berry will also help defend your arteries.


    While a good diet is great, exercise will help circulate the nutrients and other substances in your body to reduce or prevent arterial problems. However, you may want to check with your physician before beginning or changing an exercise regimen.

How to Use Natural Poison Ivy Treatments

I have experienced poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac that started on my arm and spread to my stomach, legs and face. But believe it or not--I found relief. I used several natural poison ivy treatment options to help it heal. Here is what to do if you fall upon the same bad luck.



    Up your intake of Vitamin C. In addition to my regular multivitamin I took 500 mg of Vitamin C. This vitamin is very helpful to the skin and also works as an antihistamine.


    Find an herbal product with jewelweed, the next phase of an effective natural poison ivy treatment plan. This is a known herbal remedy for poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac rashes. I found a product in a spray bottle that is quite handy to carry around.


    At this point the rash should be under control for the most part, but if you accidentally brush it up against something, such as the fabric of your shirt, it may start to feel itchy. When this happened to me I put on some aloe vera gel, which calms the itching and helps the skin heal.


    Purchase Rhus tox capsules because homeopathy operates on the belief that "like cures like." Well, Rhus tox is actually poison ivy (that's the Latin name). Think of it like a vaccine. The theory is that when your body is fed the irritant in small doses, it can begin to fight it off.


    Calamine lotion is an old classic that I haven't used in a while. But I remember using it with great success. It calms irritated and itchy skin which is just what is called for with a poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac rash.

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Home Remedy for a Soft Tissue Wart

Soft tissue warts are caused by a viral skin infection, and these small bumps most commonly occur on the hands and feet. Standard medical treatment often includes removal by freezing or laser and may be painful and costly. If you are suffering with these unsightly bumps, try several home remedies before visiting your doctor.

Natural Treatments

    One very popular home remedy uses medical taping and apple cider vinegar. Before you go to bed, coat the wart with petroleum jelly to protect the surrounding skin. Then use a cotton swab to apply a thin layer of apple cider vinegar to the wart and wrap the area with waterproof medical tape. Repeat this procedure every evening until the wart begins to fade. It normally takes about a month for the wart to disappear completely.

    Also try taping a piece of banana peel to the affected area. Do this by cutting a piece of peel and using medical tape to attach it to the affected area. If you are using banana, it is recommended that you keep it on throughout the day.

    You may also want to try applying a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda three times daily. Mix two parts baking soda and one part lemon juice to create a paste that can be applied as a thick layer to your skin.

    Vitamin E is great for the skin when ingested orally or even topically. To use vitamin E as a topical application, break a capsule and place the inner contents on a bandage. Then place the bandage over the wart and leave on overnight.

    Also consider taking oral vitamin A supplements every day until the wart begins to disappear.


    The wart virus tends to thrive in warm, moist environments, so if you are in a locker room or a swimming pool, keep your feet covered. Also try to change shoes often enough to keep the feet cool and dry. If you are using a public shower, always wear sandals in the shower and you may even want to spray the shower floor with Lysol before using it.

    If you have warts, try to avoid touching it so as not to spread the virus. Stress and poor eating habits can often cause wart outbreaks to increase in severity. Eat properly and get enough rest so that you do not aggravate the condition.

Dangers of Noni Juice

Noni juice, made from the fruit of morinda citrifolia, has been used in Polynesian folk remedies for centuries and has been marketed as a health food with numerous benefits. Scientific research on noni juice is limited, but a few side effects have been found.

Minor Side Effects

    Minor side effects include belching, diarrhea, headache, mild rash and pimples. Women taking noni juice might experience heavier menstruation.

Serious Side Effects

    According to an article published in the World Journal of Gastroenteroly, a couple of people in Austria have developed liver damage after consuming excessive amounts of noni juice.


    Allergic reactions to noni juice are rare but include respiratory difficulty, gas, nausea and vomiting. Allergic reactions to noni juice usually subside within 24 hours.


    Because noni juice is high in sugar, diabetics should be aware of blood glucose levels when drinking it.

Safe Dosage

    Most side effects of noni juice coincide with the consumption of large amounts of the juice. The noni supplement information written by Dr. Ray Sahelian claims the safe dosage of noni is one to two capsules to day, or 2 tbsp. of noni juice.

The Effects of Drinking Alcohol in Cold Environments

The Effects of Drinking Alcohol in Cold Environments

Some of us have been there, sitting in the bleachers at a football game with the weather particularly brisk, and we throw back a couple of beers; the perfect remedy for the cold. Or we come in from a cold snowy day and warm up with a nice hot toddy. This "warming up" is, in actuality, just an illusion. The fact is, there are many hazards associated with drinking alcohol in cold weather, both physical and physiological.

Physical Effects of Alcohol on the Body

    In the cold, the body will constrict blood vessels in the extremities in order to preserve heat in its core for vital organs. Alcohol consumption causes the blood vessels to dilate, giving the illusion that it is providing warmth. In actuality, the blood vessel dilation in the skin takes heat from the body's core and causes the body temperature to decrease. If exposed to the cold, this makes the body more susceptible to hypothermia.

Physiological Effects of Alcohol Consumption

    The illusion of warmth bought about by alcohol consumption can cause impaired judgment. An intoxicated person is more likely to go out into the cold without suitable outerwear, exacerbating their chances for hypothermia. Combined with the compromised motor and analytical skills that accompany intoxication, the dangers in cold weather are furthermore compounded. Intoxicated individuals also are more likely to fall; in the cold, this can lead to a more dangerous situation.

Teen Drinking

    When teenagers drink, they generally drink to excess. In cold weather, this makes teenagers more vulnerable, especially in light of the fact that their analytical skills are not fully developed. Consequently, they are more likely to make choices that can, and sometimes do, prove to be fatal.

Warming Up Safely

    When the body warms up too quickly, the blood vessels in the extremities dilate, causing the blood pressure to fall. When intoxicated, this effect is exacerbated, and can be potentially fatal. With extremely low pressure, there is too little blood for the heart to pump and, if this continues for several pumps, the result is heart failure.

Tea Tree Oil as a Ringworm Cure

Tea tree oil is a warmly aromatic and antiseptic oil from the tree Melaleuca alternifolia of Austalia. It is considered a powerful natural germicide by Dr Andrew Weil, a noted authority on natural health, and is used topically to treat a variety of conditions including the skin fungus known as ringworm. Now tea tree oil can be found all over the world in health food stores and online retailers and people suffering from ringworm have access to this tried-and-true natural folk remedy wherever they go.


    Tea tree oil contains powerful natural germicides that have been found to be active against many different pathogenic organisms. A study published in the journal Phytomedicine in 2009 showed that horses suffering from ringworm showed complete healing after tea tree oil was applied twice a day for fifteen days. It appears that the fungal organism that causes ringworm, Trichophyton equinum, is highly susceptible to the compounds in tea tree oil


    The tea tree itself, Melaleuca alternifolia, has a rich history of use among aboriginal Australians. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, the tea tree was used for colds and for most general sicknesses. Later, colonists discovered the amazing power of tea tree oil to combat fungal infections of the skin, like athlete's foot.


    Ringworm is not the only skin fungus that tea tree oil is effective against. A study published in the journal Skin Pharmacology in 1996, tested tea tree oil against 26 different dermophytes (skin funguses) and 54 different strains of yeast. They found that tea tree oil was able to inhibit the growth of all of the fungal organisms that it was tested on. The broad spectrum ability of tea tree oil to control fungus makes it one of the most potent natural cures for ringworm.


    Ringworm is characterized by a red circular rash that is itchy, and can sometimes cause lesions that may lead to scarring or discoloration. The pharmaceutical medications currently used to treat ringworm may cause side effects such as gastrointestinal upset, rash and abnormal liver functioning according to the Mayo Clinic. Tea tree oil has no known adverse side effects and was able to help heal the lesions present in the above mentioned study on ringworm in horses.


    Although there are anti-fungal preparations marketed especially for ringworm, athletes foot and jock itch that contain tea tree oil, it may be cheaper and more efficient to purchase pure tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has become so popular worldwide that even pharmacies now usually stock it on the shelf for a very low price point.

How to Improve Your Memory Fast

How to Improve Your Memory Fast

There are many reasons for one's memory to fade. Luckily, there are many effective ways to improve your memory. Follow the steps below to get started in improving your memory fast and effectively.



    Take Vitamin Supplements

    Try taking memory improving vitamin supplements such as vitamins B6 and B12. You can take such vitamins individually or purchase a supplement with a proprietary blend of memory improving vitamins. One such supplement that has become very popular in memory improvement is "Focus Factor", this product as well as many other memory improving supplements can be found at your local vitamin store.


    Stay Active

    Recent studies have shown that staying active and exercising improves memory and overall brain function. Try to dedicate 30-60 minutes per day to light or moderate exercise.


    Play Memory Games

    Memory games are an excellent way to boost your memory. You can find such games at most retail stores or you can play them online. One website that offers free memory games is You will start to notice a dramatic improvement in your memory after playing such games regularly.


    Eat Memory Improving Foods

    There are many food that both improve memory and brain function. A few such foods include Cantaloupes, blueberries, oranges. These foods are high in vitamin C that has been proven to improve memory. Also be sure to eat plenty of fish and foods high in B vitamins. Foods to avoid include things such as anything high in saturated fat, trans-fats, and processed sugar.


    Avoid Stress

    Stress has been shown to be a very big factor in poor memory. Remove necessary sources or stress and dedicate a part of your day to relaxation and calming.


    Refer to my resources section below for a short list of websites that offer more tips and information on how to improve your memory.

How to Treat Sinusitis with Vitamins

A good way to treat Sinusitis is with vitamins. There are quite a few treatment options available for Sinusitis, whether it be natural remedies or prescription drugs. However, most people with Sinusitis don't realize that often times vitamins alone can help to speed up the recovery process.



    Take 500 mg of Bioflavonoids, three times per day. Bioflavonoids work best with Sinusitis that was caused by allergies.


    Take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C, four times per day. Vitamin C is an anti allergy, and also helps to enhance the immune system.


    Take 25,000 IU of Vitamin A each day for a week. Vitamin A helps with the mucous membrane lining and taking a high dosage for a week can help to improve the condition and speed up the healing process.


    Take 10 mg of Zinc each day. Zinc is one of the most effective natural remedies to use to treat Sinusitis. Zinc is also common in many of the vitamin blends used specifically for Sinusitis.

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Non Surgical Feather Lift Procedures

Non Surgical Feather Lift Procedures

A feather lift is a type of thread lift. It provides many of the benefits of a mini-face lift without the down time. It is done under a local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. The quickness of this procedure has earned it the name, "lunch time face lift." The lure of this procedure is that it is quick and can restore facial tautness. The drawbacks are it is costly and controversial.

    Retores tautness
    Retores tautness


    Reduces sagging skin
    Reduces sagging skin

    The feather lift was developed in Moscow in 1999 by cosmetic surgeon, Marlen Sulamanidze. As the technique was perfected, surgeons moved from using plastic sutures to mono filament thread, called Aptos. The thread is inserted below the skin with a needle. At the end of the thread is a small barb that is used to provide the lift by embedding into the facial tissue.


    Works best if you are young
    Works best if you are young

    The feather lift can be used to lift cheeks, jowls, and upper brow. An area of the face, such as the cheeks can usually be done in two hours. The perfect candidate is someone who does not have a great amount of sagging and is young or middle aged.

Time Frame

    short on down-time
    short on down-time

    The thread lift needs about six weeks to set in place. The face can stretch and contort therefore it is important to avoid things that can cause stretching. Things like opening your mouth too wide or smiling too much can effect results. Most patients can return to work within two days, while others take incur down time.


    You may notice no improvement at all
    You may notice no improvement at all

    This is a relatively new procedure that has less than ten years of history. Depending on where your information is obtained, you will be told that the thread lift lasts one year, five years and some suggest up to ten. In other words there is no conclusive information on how long the procedure lasts. According to Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery, "A significant risk of the thread lift procedure is that you may not notice any improvement."


    There have been some reports of suture migration causing distortion in the appearance of the face. While this is rare, it is a real problem. There have also been complaints that in people with thin skin the threads can be visible through the skin. As with any cosmetic procedure make sure your physician is Board certified and experienced in the procedure that you are undertaking.

Healing Properties of Coconut Oil

Healing Properties of Coconut Oil

The coconut or Cocos nucifera is common to the Pacific Islands. The nut of the coconut tree provides nutritious meat and milk. But beyond the nuts nutritional value the oil of the nut has many medicinal purposes. The use of of coconut oil is prevalent in both Pacific and Asian traditional medicine. Modern medicine also recognizes the benefits of this natural oil.

Saturated Fats

    Coconut oil contains saturated fats such as Palmitoleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Caproic Acid, Capric Acid, Caprylic Acid, Myristic Acid, and Lauric Acid. These are primarily medium chain fatty acids that are useful in combating energy malnutrition and fatigue. These fatty acids also have anti-oxidizing properties that help counter the affects of aging like macular degeneration and sagging skin.

Saturated Fatty Acids

    When acted on by particular enzymes, the saturated fatty acids already mentioned convert to monocaprin and monolaurin. Monocaprin and monolaurin are anti-microbial and anti-fungal agents useful in combating diaper rash, thrush, candidiasis, ringworm, and athlete's foot.

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Cancer

    The saturated fats found in coconut are the same as those found in mother's milk. These saturated fats have proven to work as anti-bacterial agents, anti-viral agents, and even anti-cancer agents. These fats help kill the viruses that cause influenza, SARS, AIDS and others. They fight against the bacteria that cause pneumonia, throat infections, ulcers, and urinary infections. These fatty acids also help protect against cancers such as colon and breast cancers.

Vitamin E

    Coconut oil contains vitamin E. Vitamin E helps promote healthy skin and hair. When combined with the fatty acids also found in coconuts, Vitamin E helps to combat the signs of aging by improving the health and youthful appearance of hair and skin.

Heart Health

    Coconut oil contains Medium Chain Triglycerides which help clear blockages of the arteries. These triglycerides also help lower bad cholesterol. Despite it's saturated fat content coconut oil is hearth healthy and lowers the risk of heart attacks.

Fights Obesity

    Materials found in coconut oil help to boost the speed of ones metabolism. With the boost in metabolism bodies burn fats faster, and are able to lose weight efficiently. Lowering the bodies weight often improves the bodies over all health.

Other Nutritive and Medicinal Properties

    Coconut oil helps improve the bodies ability to absorb glucose and vitamins that are soluble in fat. It promotes the absorption of both magnesium and calcium which improves tooth, and bone health and helps prevent osteoporosis. It boosts energy and endurance, improves circulation and insulin secretion, reduces inflammation and improves digestion.

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How to Increase Flexibility With Thai Massage

How to Increase Flexibility With Thai Massage

A Thai massage therapy session that is combined with yoga movements increases flexibility and relieves tension. Choose a therapist that can focus on muscle release and help you develop greater flexibility. Regular Thai massage therapy sessions are the key to developing a broader range of movement. Read on to learn more.



    Define the areas of the body where increased flexibility is desired. Where does the range of motion need to be increased? What areas of the body are stiff or painful?


    Discuss the areas in which you would like to increase your range of motion with your Thai massage therapist. Articulate your goals for Thai Massage therapy.


    Request a plan of action or a Thai massage routine that will focus on the target areas.


    Focus on the target areas during each Thai massage therapy session. Pay attention to muscles that are stiff or experience pain. The Thai massage therapist can apply acupressure or increased massage to those areas to enhance flexibility. Movements from one position to the next should be smooth and fluid.


    Measure the outcome. Has a larger range of motion and greater flexibility been achieved? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment following the Thai massage session?


    Maintain the increased flexibility in daily activities outside of Thai massage therapy to stay flexible. Inquire about other activities that can help maintain the increased flexibility.


    Schedule regular Thai massage therapy sessions to maintain increased flexibility.

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How to Sleep Overnight With Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil has been used for centuries as a home remedy for ailments ranging from the common cold and inflammations to sunburns and constipation. The oil comes from the castor seed. Manufacturers use it when producing several commercial products, from soaps to massage oil. You can apply a castor oil pack onto any affected area of the body; you can keep it on this area for anywhere from one hour to a complete night's sleep.



    Soak a piece of unbleached cotton cloth with castor oil. Wring out the cloth to remove most of the oil. The size of the cloth will depend upon the surface area you wish to cover on your body.


    Place the piece of soaked cloth flat where you want it on your body. For instance, placing the cloth on the abdomen could help with constipation or liver issues.


    Cover the piece of cloth with plastic. Cut a plastic grocery bag and use it to cover the cloth.


    Attach the plastic to the skin with medical tape. This will ensure the plastic does not slip off in the night, which would cause the smell of the castor oil to spread onto your bed and sheets.


    Remove the tape and plastic the next morning. Discard the castor oil-soaked cloth.

Aloe Juice for Stomach Pain

Aloe barbadensis, also called aloe vera, is a succulent plant that produces a gel with soothing properties. You can break off a leaf of the plant and apply the gel directly to the skin for the relief of burns, cuts and other minor skin irritations. External uses of aloe vera are widely known, but the juice of this plant can also help with a variety of stomach ailments when taken internally.

The Facts

    Documentation exists that shows people were drinking aloe juice as early as Cleopatra's time. They would simply mix a few drops of the yellow gel with water and drink. Today's distillation methods make the use of this medicinal plant easier and safer than ever. No single ingredient imbues the aloe plant with its healing power. About 15 different vitamins, minerals and chemicals suspended in water work together to promote digestive health. The proper functioning of the digestive tract has much to do with overall health and well-being.


    Anecdotal evidence suggests that drinking aloe juice can provide relief from arthritis and improve circulation. The most profound benefit, however, seems to be in the digestive system. Acid reflux, ulcers, chronic constipation and even irritable bowel syndrome respond well to a regular intake of 2 to 4 oz. of aloe juice per day. A study published in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Mar. 1, 2004), concludes: "The anti-inflammatory actions of aloe vera gel in-vitro provide support for the proposal that it may have a therapeutic effect in inflammatory bowel disease." Just as the gel soothes and promotes healing of external burns, it applies those properties to the inflamed areas of the esophagus and stomach that result from acid reflux and other factors. Aloe vera juice is a known laxative as well, and supports the detoxification of the liver and kidneys.


    Just as the ancient Egyptians did, it is possible for you to simply cut some leaves from your own aloe vera plant, press out the juice and drink it. Some argue this is the most healthful way to do it. For convenience, and to minimize some of the possible risks, you may wish to purchase processed aloe juice from a health food store. The juice can range from yellowish to clear, depending on how much it has been filtered. The more clear the juice, the less taste it will have, and the less likely it will cause adverse effects. The yellow juice may have more active ingredients, but for sensitive individuals there may be more risk for allergic reaction or other problems.


    Aloe plants contain a type of latex that, when ingested, has a laxative effect. The more latex present in the juice, the more pronounced the effect, sometimes resulting in cramping or diarrhea. If the diarrhea is severe, you should discontinue using the aloe vera juice, as this can cause an electrolyte imbalance or kidney dysfunction. These symptoms are very rare.


    If you take corticosteroids or diabetes medicines like insulin, you should talk to your doctor before ingesting aloe vera. Do not begin a regimen of drinking aloe juice if you have Crohn's disease or kidney disease. You should always check with your health-care provider before trying any new remedy.

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What to Expect When Cleansing the Colon

What to Expect When Cleansing the Colon

Importance of the Colon

    Considering how many processed foods Americans eat every day, it is not uncommon for a colon to get weighed down and clogged with artificial compounds, sugars, and fats. The colon helps rid your body of all the waste it does not need, to make room for more food. If the colon gets clogged, it does not work as efficiently as it needs to. If the body is unable to eject waste, it can cause serious health defects, and even cancer.

Types of Cleansing

    Colon-cleansing programs range from organic to chemical, and from flushes to diets. Some programs are safer than others. The most common types of colon cleansing are supplement-based and irrigation-based. A supplement-based cleansing procedure uses specific minerals and chemicals, or even specific foods (such as high-fiber items or diuretics) to both clean the inside of the colon and cause the colon to completely empty itself. Irrigation-based colon-cleansing procedures involve filling the colon with water through a tube inserted in the rectum. Water is pushed into the colon, then released through bowel movements when the tube is removed.

Bowel Movements

    The most common effect of a colon cleanse is increased bowel movements. With an irrigation-based cleanse, the bowel movement will be sudden and fast, with a lingering feeling that you need to have another until the cleansing liquid has exited your body. With supplement- or food-based cleansing programs, bowel movements will slowly increase in frequency. You may also experience frequent bouts of diarrhea. When deciding to do a colon cleanse, you may want to avoid any long-distance trips and clear your schedule to allow easy access to a bathroom.

Gastrointestinal Side Effects

    Going through a colon cleanse can also cause some gastrointestinal side effects. With a irrigation cleanse, you can expect to have a bloated feeling, as well as lingering gas, after the procedure. With a supplement- or food-based cleanse, you may also experience cramps, stomachache and some nausea.

Other Effects

    More serious side effects that you may expect with some colon cleanses, especially herbal cleanses, are bloody diarrhea, discolored urine and liver toxicity. These are serious side effects for which you will want to contact your medical provider, as you may have caused damage to your colon.


    Cleansing takes large amounts of water from your system to flush out the colon. Staying hydrated is extremely important, as it both helps the cleanse along and keeps your body from experiencing dehydration.

Mood Changes

    With all of the changes your body will go through, and the physical side effects of the cleanse itself, you may also experience a drastic change in mood. If you are performing a fast while cleansing, the mood change may have to do with your body going through withdrawal from the foods and drinks you normally ingest. Many people feel stressed or depressed during a cleanse. It's important to include meditation or other relaxation techniques to help keep your body and mind relaxed.


    Your colon needs a constant balance of beneficial chemicals and bacteria to regulate itself. Unfortunately, many colon cleanses cause your body to eject these beneficial organisms from the body, leaving you susceptible to further colon problems. Doing irrigation-style colon cleansing on your own can also introduce harmful bacteria into the body if the equipment you are using is not clean. You could also puncture the colon if you are not careful.

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Home Cure of Mentholatum for Toenail Fungus

Mentholatum is an effective home remedy for toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis. It is low in cost, easy to obtain and safe to use. It only requires a few minutes of time each day to treat nail fungus with Mentholatum.


    Prior to using Mentholatum on nail fungus for the first time, soften the nail either by taking a bath or by soaking the nails in a tub. Once the nails are soft, dry thoroughly and then use an emery board to file across the top of the nail. Filing helps to make the nail more porous so that the Mentholatum can be more easily absorbed into the nail.


    Scoop about a tablespoon of Mentholatum onto a small plate or bowl. Generously rub Mentholatum into each toenail and into the cuticle of each nail. For best results, put the Mentholatum onto each toenail, even the ones that do not appear to have any fungus. Applying the Mentholatum onto each toenail will keep the fungus from spreading to other toenails and will also kill any fungus that is beginning to grow but is not yet visible.

    After rubbing the Mentholatum into each toenail and cuticle, allow it to absorb into the nail. If done before bed, cover the toenails with bandages or put on a pair of socks so that the sheets don't get stained by the Mentholatum.

    Discard any unused Mentholatum. Never reuse Mentholatum that has had contact with infected nails as it may cause infection to spread.

    Repeat this procedure twice daily.


    If the Mentholatum is working to rid the toenails of fungus, pink, clear, fungus-free new toenail growth will appear right above the cuticle. It may be barely visible at first. This generally takes a week or longer.

Be Persistent

    Though Mentholatum is an effective treatment for toenail fungus, it is important to continue treating the toenails twice a day with Mentholatum until the toenails are completely free of fungus.

    It's also important to trim the toenails regularly so that the infected toenail is cut off little by little.

    If treatment ceases before the toenails are completely clear of fungus, the remaining fungus will spread to the rest of the nail and treatment will have to start all over again.

    This is a long, slow process since it can take three to six months for toenails to completely grow out.

How to Ease Pain With Epsom Salt

How to Ease Pain With Epsom Salt

Suffering with tired, over-worked muscles? Ease them in a soothing hot bath mixed with magnesium sulfate -- commonly known as Epsom salt. The salty compound works by drawing chemical waste from the body, increasing blood flow, and extracting acids, minerals and energy byproducts trapped in muscle tissue. A short soak in a tub or application of the salt on targeted areas of your body will speed up healing and reduce soreness.


    Epsom salt provides many health benefits.
    Epsom salt provides many health benefits.

    Full body soak: Draw a hot bath. Pour 2 to 4 cups of Epsom salt into the tub. Stir the salt until it's dissolved. Immerse in the tub and soak for a minimum of 20 minutes.


    Hot compress: Make a compress using either cheese cloth or a small towel. Pour 1/2 cup of Epsom salt into the towel or cheese cloth. Roll the towel or fold the cheese cloth securely around the salt. Dampen the towel or cheese cloth, place it in a microwave oven, and heat for 30 seconds. Remove from the microwave and apply to your sore muscle. Cover the compress with a dry towel to maintain heat. Leave the compress on your muscle for at least 20 minutes.


    Concentrated application: Mix 1 cup of spa mud with 1/4 cup of hot water and 1/2 cup of Epsom salt. Apply the mixture to your extremities, allowing it to remain on your skin for approximately 30 minutes. The mud-and-salt mixture will stick to your skin and boost absorption of muscle acids. Once removed, the areas may tingle, due to increased blood flow and enhanced nerve conduction.

Health Benefits of Springwater

Health Benefits of Springwater

There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the health benefits of springwater in relation to the possible pollution of underground springs. Experts say that the quality of springwater largely depends on the source and destination of a local spring. Although there is a lot of critical analysis around the dangers of drinking contaminated springwater, there are many overlooked benefits of the minerals contained in the water.

Lack of Chemicals

    The most obvious benefit is simply that springwater is not tap water. Tap water often lacks nutrients that help sustain healthy blood and oxygen levels. Most tap water uses chlorine to clean the contaminated water in most urban areas. High levels of chlorine, arsenic and benzene in drinking water have led to an increased risk of cancer. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved most bottled springwater.

Naturopathic Healing Effect

    Springwater contains health-restoring minerals like lithium, calcium and magnesium. Additionally, springwater contains a great deal of sulphur that has a therapeutic effect on skin diseases and infections like psoriasis and dermatitis. A calcium deficiency can be very dangerous; it often results in hypertension, kidney stones and colon cancer.

Protection Against Disease

    You don't have to drink springwater to benefit from its minerals. Bathing in springwater can serve as preventative treatment and protection against blood diseases, nutritional disorders and chronic digestive disorders. Additionally, it is known to prevent feminine diseases and provides holistic treatment for high blood pressure, hypertension and many heart and lung diseases.

Toxin Removal

    Springwater serves as a detox agent to flush out toxins while helping to protect and restore your immune system to help fight off the cold and flu. Springwater also can provide an added energy boost and increase mental alertness for those who drink it regularly.

Better Taste

    Springwater has a better taste than tap water. In addition to its poor taste, tap water includes potentially dangerous chemicals and rainwater runoff. There's simply no comparison to the clean and crisp taste of springwater when it's held up to the chlorinated, iron taste of city tap water.

Natural Gas Relief Remedies

Natural remedies for gas and flatulence can range from teas to psyllium to supplements. Whichever natural remedy you choose, there are effective ways to rid yourself of this embarrassing and sometimes painful condition. If your condition worsens, consult with your physician for more conventional treatment options.


    Teas can be effectively used to treat gas. Peppermint tea is especially helpful in ridding the body of gas. Simply look for some peppermint tea at your local health food or grocery store. Make sure it is real peppermint, and not just a peppermint flavored tea. Drink this tea as need for your symptoms.

    Another effective tea for gas contains a mixture of several herbs. Mix equal parts of chamomile, peppermint, valerian, aniseed and caraway seeds. To make a cup of tea, place about one to two teaspoons of the mixture in one cup of boiling water. Steep for ten minutes, strain and drink. This tea contains compounds called carminatives that eliminate extra gas in the body. Drink as often as you like.


    Papaya tablets can help treat gas symptoms. Papaya contains enzymes that help the digestive tract break down food, reducing the amount of gas that is formed. Look for these papaya enzyme tablets in rolls similar to antacids. To relieve gas, take one or two tablets after meals, or follow package instructions.

    Activated charcoal is another useful supplement that can help treat and eliminate gas. This alternative remedy is usually made from specially treated wood, and is safe to take, without side effects. Take four to six capsules when eating problem foods. It is best to use on an as-needed basis.


    Surprisingly, fiber added to your diet can help with gas symptoms. Psyllium is one such example. Psyllium encourages normal bowel function by propelling waste through the bowels in a more efficient manner. This, is turn, leads to less gas in the system. Take one tablespoon once daily with eight ounces of water. Be sure to drink water throughout the day, along with eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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How to Take a Caffeine Nap

How to Take a Caffeine Nap

A caffeine nap is a great way to rejuvenate and wake up a tired body. By combining two methods known to help alleviate fatigue, you'll get double the results. The caffeine helps eliminate adenosine, which can make you feel sleepy. When combined with a nap, scientists have found it is one of the best methods of helping people stay awake.



    Drink a cup of coffee or other drink high in caffeine. Regular coffee has approximately 60 to 130 mg of caffeine. Colas will not typically work for this as they have only 25 to 35 mg of caffeine. Many energy drinks, however, will work.


    Set a timer or alarm for 15 minutes.


    Take a 15 minute nap. You must take the nap immediately after drinking the caffeine.


    Wake up and go about your day. By the time you wake up, the caffeine will have kicked in. Do not sleep longer than 15 minutes or you'll sleep through the benefit of the caffeine and risk entering your sleep cycle.

Natural Remedies for Attention Deficit Disorder in Children

Natural Remedies for Attention Deficit Disorder in Children

For many parents, putting a child diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, or ADD, on central nervous stimulants seem like a daunting choice due to their addictive nature. While a doctor should monitor all care for ADD children, there are natural remedies that may help sufferers of ADD.


    Bill Gottlieb, author of "Alternative Cures," recommends eating every two hours to avoid symptoms of aggression, nervousness, agitation and anxiety, which are common symptoms of ADD. Adding protein into every small meal can help keep these symptoms at bay.


    Eliminating sugar in the diet and any refined carbohydrates, including white flour, can also keep blood sugar levels stable, thus reducing many of the symptoms of ADD.

Vitamins and Minerals

    Gottlieb recommends taking a multivitamin or mineral supplement that has the following nutrients: 25mg of thiamin, 100mg of vitamin B6, 50mg of pantothenic acid, 400mcg of folic acid, 15mg of beta-carotene, 1,000mg of vitamin C, 400iu of vitamin E, 500 to 1,000mg of calcium, 100 to 400mg of magnesium and 15mg of zinc. Adding an extra 500mg of magnesium will help calm symptoms of ADD, according to Gottlieb.

Fatty Acids

    Primrose oil and flaxseed oil are both rich in fatty acids, and are touted to help brain cells function better in ADD sufferers, according to Gottlieb. Five hundred milligrams of evening primrose oil and 3 tsp. of flaxseed oil daily is recommended.


    Although natural remedies are used for the treatment of ADD in children and adults, none have been recommended by the Food and Drug Administration. All healthcare-related disorders should be monitored closely by a physician.

Does Vicks Vaporub Cure Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus is a fairly common condition caused by microscopic organisms that thrive in moist, warm areas. If a person walks through a hospitable area such as a locker room, shower room or pool, the organisms may invade their nails and trigger an infection. This causes the nails to thicken, and they eventually get discolored and start to crumble. The condition is unsightly, and it may be painful in severe cases. Although most cases need to be treated by a doctor, home cures such as Vicks Vaporub have shown promise.


    Although toenail fungus is usually treated with oral medication prescribed by a doctor, some sufferers treat it with Vicks Vaporub. The Mayo Clinic says there is anecdotal evidence that Vicks Vaporub can cure toenail fungus in some people. This is mostly likely due to its ingredients, which include menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil. These ingredients may have anti-fungal properties that inhibit the growth of toenail fungus and allow a new, healthy toenail to grow. The rub should be applied to the affected toenails every day.


    Researchers at the University of Michigan found that daily use of Vicks Vaporub cured toenail fungus in 32 people out of 85 total study participants. It took between five and 16 months for the infection to clear up completely, which is comparable to some other toenail fungus treatments. Although Vicks Vaporub was used in the study, Consumer Reports magazine says that other medicated rub brands containing the same ingredients should cure toenail fungus just as effectively.


    Consumer Reports magazine says that Vicks Vaporub has no side-effects, which may make it a good choice for people who have problems with oral treatments. According to the Mayo Clinic, oral antifungal medications can cause skin rashes in some patients, and may also lead to liver damage. Patients who have congestive heart failure or liver disease may not be able to take an oral treatment, so Vicks Vaporub may be a good alternative for them.


    Vicks Vaporub is not the only home remedy for toenail fungus. The Mayo Clinic says that some people believe that vinegar soaks can be an effective cure. Although there are no studies to prove that vinegar works specifically on toenail fungus, it has been proven to stop the growth of some types of bacteria. The soak should be made up of one part vinegar and two parts warm water. The feet should be soaked for 20 minutes, then rinsed and dried off thoroughly. If the vinegar causes irritation, the soak can be diluted with more water.


    The Healthy Skin Guide says that Vicks Vaporub is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use as a toenail fungus cure. The company that makes it does not recommend it for use in treating nail fungus.

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Natural Naltrexone Substitutes

Natural Naltrexone Substitutes

Naltrexone (also known as hydrochloride sale or naltexone hydrochloride and under the trade names Revia and Depade) is a medication used to treat and reduce alcohol addiction by antagonizing opioid receptors in the brain. By preventing the release of endorphins associated with alcohol consumption, it reduces the pleasure experienced from consuming alcohol. While it is a relatively safe and effective treatment, there are a number of alternatives to naltrexone that may be used in its place. These depend on a variety of factors, notably the severity of the subject's addiction and their potential reaction to other medications.

Treatment and Abstinence

    The most natural alternative to any medical treatment for alcoholism is a treatment program such as Alcoholics Anonymous (or AA) and abstinence from any alcohol intake. During detoxification, withdrawal and post-withdrawal periods, an alcoholic will need both the supervision and support that a peer or peer group can provide, making support groups the ideal social environment in which to overcome an addiction. The presence and guidance of an experienced role model (or sponsor, as they are known in AA) can be an invaluable source of moral support for individuals intent on overcoming their addiction.

Rationing and Moderation

    In some cases of alcoholism it may be possible to combat the addiction through rationing and moderation. The outcome of this alternative will be highly dependent on a number of individual characteristics of both the addiction and the subject of treatment. Those suffering from an addiction in its early stages, or those who have exhibited especially strong willpower, will more likely to benefit from a regiment of moderation, leading to a gradual reduction of intake until no further alcohol is consumed.

Medical Alternatives

    There are a number of commercially available medical alternatives to Naltrexone. Disulfiram (also known by the trade name Antabuse) inhibits the body's ability to break down ethanol, resulting in severe discomfort when alcohol is ingested that feels remarkably like an instantaneous and long-lasting hangover. While disulfram is effective, it can pose a slight risk of hepatotoxicity and drowsiness in some subjects. It is created in the lab as a combination of an organic sulfur compound and iodine. Citrate salt produces the same reaction to alcohol as disulfram, but without the risk of its side effects.

How Often Should You Increase Fish Oil With Toddler Delays?

How Often Should You Increase Fish Oil With Toddler Delays?

Although for decades, some parents have traditionally given their children cod-liver oil, just recently researchers have discovered the dramatic connection between fish oil and increased brain development. The main reason for this is the high level of Omega-3s, DHA and EPA. All of these not only help with learning, but also with attention span.

In a study conducted in 2005 in the UK on preschoolers, fish oil was shown to increase vocabulary and even help with behavior problems. If your toddler is experiencing delays it may be wise to introduce fish oil and increase the dosage as needed.

Fish Oil for Toddlers With Delays

    Pediatricians track toddler delays today more than ever, and parents are usually notified if their child seems to be behind. In some cases, you as the parent may be the one who is recognizing that your child seems to be developing slower than his peers.

    Fish oil has been proven to help with a wide variety of toddler delays. First, it is shown to help with speech delays. Your toddler should be using a variety of two-word combinations by 18 to 24 months, with a typical 18-month-old vocalizing 50 to100 words. If your child seems to be lagging behind, you may want to try fish oil. Many mothers have noticed a significant increase in their toddlers' vocabulary after starting them on fish oil.

    Fish oil is also helpful with learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD or even more common behavioral problems. In fact, one of the most noted improvements in toddlers taking fish oil was in the areas of concentration and behavior. Researchers in the aforementioned UK study noted a reduction in ADD symptoms, and much less disruptive behavior. The researchers also noted that after taking fish oil, children improved so dramatically that in three months they went from being six months behind in learning skills to normal.

Fish Oil Purchase and Dosage

    For a normal toddler, if your child is consuming fish a couple of times a week, it may not even be necessary to supplement her diet with fish oil. Otherwise, purchase a fish oil made specifically for toddlers and young children, such as Nordic Naturals. Liquid fish oil is recommended for toddlers rather than the capsules. Fish oil can be bought at health-food stores or natural-food chains such as Whole Foods. You may also order it online.

    Give your toddler the fish oil at mealtime. For a toddler with a learning disability, start out with a smaller dosage. One teaspoon per day for a week is recommended. See if it makes any difference in your toddler's behavior or speech abilities.

    After trying it for a week and if it seems to be working, you can keep it at that dosage. If you are not seeing results, you can then increase the dosage to two teaspoons per day with a meal. Once again, evaluate the results after a week. If necessary, increase the dosage to three teaspoons per day. You will want to break this up, perhaps giving it at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    It is not recommended that you increase the dosage more than that for a toddler. As with any supplement, always consult your doctor or pediatrician before usage.

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Natural Medicine for Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is a mental condition that is sometimes debilitating. Panic disorder is a result of long-term stress, anxiety, or a traumatic event or situation. While there are many pharmaceutical medications for panic disorder, many people would rather try a natural approach to treating their anxiety. Luckily, there are many natural treatments for panic disorder that can effectively relieve anxiety and stress.

Flower Essences

    Flower essences are tinctures that contain extracts from specific flowers to be used during periods of acute panic. For panic, the white chestnut and sweet chestnut work particularly well. One popular company that makes flower essences is Bach Flower Remedies.


    Chamomile is a flower that is extremely soothing to the nerves when dried. You use chamomile for panic disorder by steeping dried chamomile petals in hot water and drinking it as a tea.

Kava Kava Root

    Kava Kava root is a tropical root that has been used for anxiety and mood enhancement for centuries by Samoan natives. It is extremely powerful at combating panic and anxiety and should be used for only a short term during acute attacks.


    Certain homeopathics can be helpful in treating anxiety and panic, including Aconite and Lycopodium. Homeopathics are natural medicines created using plants and sugars that counteract ailments.

Lavender Massage

    Lavender essential oil is highly effective at relaxing muscles and the mind and can be used with olive oil in a body, hand, or facial massage to relieve panic and anxiety.

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How to Make Homemade Saline Mist

How to Make Homemade Saline Mist

Saline mist is commonly used to relieve irritated or dry nasal passages. These conditions have several causes, including dry weather, indoor air, plane travel, nasal steroid use and allergies. Saline mist nasal sprays are also used to clear congestion when you have a cold. You can purchase one at your local drugstore, but this can get expensive, especially if you need to use it on a daily basis. Luckily, saline is simply a mixture of salt and sterile water, and you can make your own affordable -- and refillable -- saline mist spray using items you can buy at your local supermarket and health food store.



    Pour 10 oz. of distilled water and tsp. of non-iodized sea salt into a clean saucepan and bring to a boil. Stir the solution until the sea salt is completely dissolved. Let the solution cool for about 15 to 30 minutes before transferring to a nasal spray bottle.


    Place a clean funnel over the opening of the nasal spray bottle. Carefully pour in the solution.


    Blow your nose gently to remove any mucous in your nostrils. Remove the cap and insert the tip of the spray into one nostril.


    Tilt your head down, then spray the mist into your nostril twice or more until you feel the urge to sneeze or blow your nose. Blow your nose gently with a clean tissue paper to remove the solution. Repeat in your other nostril.


    Store your homemade nasal mist spray at room temperature. Sterilize your nasal bottle after you have used up all the solution. Pour boiling water into the bottle and let it cool. Wash the nasal sprayer and cap with antibacterial dishwashing soap and water. Discard the water and refill with new saline solution.

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Vitamin Supplements That Aid in Quitting Smoking

Smoking is a dangerous lifestyle choice, and a number of smokers try unsuccessfully to find a way to quit. A number of different products are available to aid in quitting smoking, many of which incorporate nicotine in some way. For those who want to stay away from nicotine-containing solutions, a number of vitamins, minerals and herbs can assist in kicking the habit. Some commonly used vitamins and other supplements can help you give up cigarettes and stay healthy while doing so.

Vitamin C

    The average non-smoker requires around 1000 mg of vitamin C each day, while the average non-smoker may require as much as 3000 mg. Smoking depletes up to 40 percent of the body's supply of vitamin C, creating a deficiency that can cause major health problems over time. Taking extra vitamin C for short periods of time can help to reduce nicotine cravings, binding to the nicotine and allowing it to be more easily filtered and flushed out in the liver and kidneys.

Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that is considered to be important in preventing heart attacks. Because of the increased stress to the heart caused by smoking, the heart attack prevention that vitamin E provides is especially important to smokers. In addition to helping to prevent heart attacks in smokers, Vitamin E's antioxidant properties can also help to reduce damage to the respiratory system.

Beta Carotene

    Beta carotene provides a boost to the immune system, helping to keep you healthy during nicotine withdrawal. It may also provide some level of protection against cancer, though studies such as the Beta Carotene Cancer Prevention Trial (ATBC) and the Beta Carotene and Retinol Efficacy Trial (CARET) suggest that smoking can cause beta carotene to have an opposite effect over time. Because of this, it is generally recommended that beta carotene be taken as a supplement only if you are in the process of quitting smoking. Natural beta carotene that comes from foods such as green leafy vegetables and orange or yellow fruits and vegetables performs much better than supplemental beta carotene taken in pill form.


    In addition to the damage that nicotine and tobacco smoke can do to the heart and lungs, studies such as those done by the Center for Clinical and Basic Research in 2000 suggest that smoking can increase the speed of bone loss which naturally occurs with age. Calcium, a key mineral for healthy bones, is stripped from the body by nicotine. Adding a calcium supplement or increasing natural calcium intake can counteract this effect, keeping bones strong and maintaining bone health and density to prevent breaks and other damage.

Herbal Supplements

    In addition to standard vitamin supplements, a number of herbal supplements are suggested to those trying to quit smoking. Many of these herbs are used to calm the smoker and relieve the stress and depression that can come with nicotine withdrawal. Herbs such as St. John's Wort are recommended to help a quitting smoker stay calm and keep a strong frame of mind, while Black Cohosh and ginseng are suggested as a means of relieving anxiety. Herbal supplements are often available in pill and tea form, and some specialized mixtures may be aimed specifically at stopping smoking.

How to Treat a Bladder Infection With Cranberries

With its sudden onset and painful complications, a bladder infection can seem like torture. These infections can take hold in a matter of hours and often force you into trips to the doctor, or even the emergency room. However, ingesting a simple, yet potent chopped cranberry mixture at the first signs of inflammation or infection can head off the condition before it grows serious.



    Prepare the cranberries. If using fresh cranberries (recommended), wash the berries thoroughly and pat them dry with a cloth. If using frozen berries, partially defrost them in the microwave.


    Fit the food processor with the blade and pour in the berries. Pulse until the berries are chopped. Be careful not to overprocess the cranberries. The berries should be in small chunks, not pureed.


    Scrape the chopped cranberries into a bowl. Add sugar or honey to sweeten the berries, but don't go overboard. For maximum effect, the cranberries should be eaten in as pure a form as possible.


    Eat about 1/4 cup of the cranberry mixture every 20 to 30 minutes until it is gone. Add a sprinkling of fresh orange zest or a dollop of plain, unsweetened yogurt if the taste is unappealing.

Side Effects of Fertility Blend

Side Effects of Fertility Blend

Fertility Blend for Women is a dietary supplement used to increase the probability of conception. According to its manufacturers, the Daily Wellness Company, Fertility Blend contains ten vitamins, minerals and herbs that enhance a woman's reproductive capabilities. Although the company's website,, touts the supplement's benefits, some women have suffered side effects during use.


    Like with other dietary supplements, Fertility Blend can cause nausea in some women.

Headaches notes that Fertility Blend can cause headaches in some women due to hormonal changes.

Hot Flashes

    Although Fertility Blend balances a woman's hormones naturally, some women may experience hot flashes as a result, especially if the product is not taken as directed.

Drug Interactions

    Fertility Blend for Women should not be taken with prescribed fertility drugs, like clomiphene citrate, or during other fertility procedures because it may interfere with these drugs.


    Despite these side effects, a study published in April 2004 "Journal of Reproductive Medicine" proved the effectiveness of Fertility Blend. Twenty-six percent of participants taking the supplement conceived, while only ten percent of the participants in the control group got pregnant. As with any substance, it is up to the individual and her doctor to determine if a product is safe.

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Watermelon Remedy for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are known by a number of names, including renal stones and urinary stone disease. These are what end up being painful deposits of cyctine, uric acid, calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate. These stones can be small, but they can also be as large as a bird's egg. Usually kidney stones get dissolved in urine before they even form these hard substances, but if not, they can be incredible painful, sometimes resulting in hospitalization. There is an easier way, though, to remedy kidney stones--with watermelon.

Eliminating Kidney Stones

    Watermelon is one of the best natural remedies for kidney stones available. It has the highest level of water among all types of fruit, and water is essential to being able to pass kidney stones. Watermelon is used as a diuretic, increasing the urine.

    What's more important, though, is watermelon's high level of potassium. This substance is a form of salt that actually helps to dissolve the kidney stones, therefore easing the pain and helping to eliminate them. This whole process can take up to 15 days but the difference, of course, can be felt much sooner than that.

Preventing Kidney Stones

    Watermelon can also be used in preventative measures against kidney stones, especially for those who already have a history of kidney stones. If you have a family history but haven't experienced stones yet, incorporate watermelon into your diet on a regular basis.

    Because there are no side effects with using this as a remedy or preventative measure, it can be consumed at any time unless you have an allergy. Prevention is always the best method and with something so natural and effective, it's hard to see why more sufferers of kidney stones don't use watermelon.

Not Just the Fruit

    There is another method to try if you want to use watermelon to prevent kidney stones, but don't want to eat the fruit. It is called watermelon seed tea. This helps to clean the kidneys and the bladder. The seeds, as well, are considered to be a diuretic, therefore increasing the amount of urine passed from the body.

    It's very simple to make this tea. It is brewed by pouring 1 pint of freshly boiled water over 1 tbsp of watermelon seeds. The seeds will either need to be chopped or ground up first. Allow the tea to sit for about 15 minutes or until cooled. Strain it, making sure that all of the pieces of seed are taken out, and then drink the watermelon seed tea. This should be done once a day for three days in a row.

Define Bach Flowers

Define Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers, also known as Bach Flower Remedies and Bach Flower Essences, are a set of 38 tinctures created by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s for alleviating emotional suffering and bolstering mental health.


    Chicory, One of the Bach Flower Essences
    Chicory, One of the Bach Flower Essences

    In 1930, Dr. Edward Bach left his lucrative London medical practice because he felt traditional medicine treated only the symptoms of disease rather than addressing the emotional and mental states of the patient. Building on the tenants of homeopathy, Dr. Bach believed that 38 distinct personality structures governed differing reactions to illness and subsequent emotional or mental suffering.


    Larch, One of the Bach Flower Essences
    Larch, One of the Bach Flower Essences

    Bach Flower Essences are made by sun-steeping the flower in spring or mineral water or boiled, filtered water that has cooled. The resultant liquid is often combined with a preservative such as brandy or vegetable glycerin. A few drops of the Essence can be placed under the tongue or in a glass of water.

The 38 Bach Flower Essences

    Cherry Plum, One of the Bach Flower Essences
    Cherry Plum, One of the Bach Flower Essences

    Water Violet
    Red Chestnut
    White Chestnut
    Cherry Plum
    Rock Rose
    Wild Oat
    Chestnut Bud
    Rock Water
    Wild Rose
    Star of Bethlehem
    Crab Apple
    Sweet Chestnut


    Gorse, One of the Bach Flower Essences
    Gorse, One of the Bach Flower Essences

    Because Bach Flower Essences are made from edible flowers steeped in water, they are considered 100% safe for both humans and animals.

Fun Facts

    Beech, One of the Bach Flower Essences
    Beech, One of the Bach Flower Essences

    Rescue Remedy, a combination of five Bach Flower Essences, is often used for stress relief in pets.

    Rock Water is the only Bach Flower Essence not derived from a flower (it's from rock springs).

DIY Pain Relief

DIY Pain Relief

If you've got pain such as a headache or sore muscles, relief can come in many forms. While medicines such as acetaminophen and aspirin can be taken to help with pain, there also are natural alternatives you can do at home. For those who prefer to avoid chemical medications that overtime can cause stress on organs, such as your liver and stomach, learning a do-it-yourself natural method for pain relief can help you alleviate pain without the need for over-the-counter medications.



    Take an all natural painkiller to try to ease pain. There are numerous all natural herbs and supplements that have been shown to alleviate pain. For example, fish oil can help with pain and inflammation of joints as can herbs, such as boswellia and devil's claw. For pain, such as a headache or muscle pain, try taking a willow bark capsule, which has been found to work much like aspirin for pain. Make sure to consult with your physician before taking any herbs as they can interact with other medications and can cause side effects.


    Apply temperature to the affected area. Whether it be a headache or muscle or joint problem, applying a hot or cold compress to the area can reduce inflammation and pain. A compress also can help increase circulation and oxygen to the area to lessen pain. Try applying a hot or cool rag over your head for a headache or an ice pack or heating pad to a muscle or joint.


    Make a hot tea to relax your body and mind. Relaxation helps increase blood flow and oxygen levels in the blood through slow calm breathing. This can help alleviate pain as opposed to allowing stress to worsen it. Popular teas for relaxation are lavender or chamomile, so try making one of these and sipping it between deep breaths to relax your body.

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Pain Relief for Internal Shingles

If you're experiencing internal pain associated with shingles, you may be looking for relief. Though shingles is often associated with rash or blisters, internal symptoms can occur before and even lurk after blisters have healed. A reactivation of the chicken pox, shingles can develop during times of stress or illness, but it's not contagious. Knowing how to effectively treat the internal symptoms of your shingles can help you manage pain and also prevent scarring.

Remedies for Pain

    Before shingles develops into a rash or blisters externally, you could experience a burning or painful sensation internally. Blisters and/or a rash generally follow this pain or burning. According to the Mayo Clinic, ibuprofen or naproxen can help alleviate this pain. For severe pain, the Mayo Clinic says that you may need more powerful drugs, such as narcotics, tricyclic antidepressants, anticonvulsants or even numbing agents.

    In addition to pain relief with drugs, your doctor may prescribe an antiviral drug that could reduce pain and speed healing.

    Even before your blisters develop, if your pain is bad enough or if you feel excessively tired, make sure to listen to your body and stay in bed, if possible. Also, relaxation techniques could help to lessen pain. According to "The Doctors' Book of Home Remedies for Women," exercise and motion increases inflammation of the nerve route, which could result in an excessive rash or even scarring.

    If your internal shingles symptoms do develop into a rash, you have several options for pain relief. If you have blisters, make sure to keep them wet, because as the liquid evaporates from your skin, it dries the blisters, as well as your skin. Calamine lotion can help dry out blisters, too.

    You can also soak a washcloth in cold milk and hold it to your blistery rash(es), as milk has a soothing effect on rashes.

    To dry blisters, make a paste of water mixed with baking powder to spread over the affected area.

    After your blisters have healed, you may still have internal pain, as the nerve endings are still being affected. Consider using a cream that contains capsaicin, an ingredient found in red chili peppers. This cream causes your nerve endings to fire until no pain-causing chemical is left.

When to See a Doctor

    If you see a doctor within 48 hours of the onset of your shingles, you should be able to get the virus under control and prevent scarring. In addition, quickly taking antiviral medications could help you prevent the lingering nerve pain associated with shingles.

How to Treat Chicken Pox With Oatmeal

How to Treat Chicken Pox With Oatmeal

An oatmeal bath is the safe, natural and effective way to soothe the itching caused by chicken pox. By dissolving colloidal oatmeal--which is rolled oats that have been milled into a fine powder--into a bathtub full of cool water, you may experience relief for several hours.



    Use a coffee grinder or food processor to mill colloidal oatmeal from rolled oats to treat chicken pox. You'll know when the oats are properly ground when a spoonful quickly dissolves into a glass of water, producing a milky liquid.


    Dissolve 1 to 3 cups of colloidal oatmeal in cool to lukewarm bath water, taking time to ensure that all oatmeal clumps are broken up completely. The bath water should appear evenly milky before you get in the tub.


    Soak in the tub for at least 15 minutes, taking care to submerge as much of your body as possible underneath the surface of the water. Avoid getting any of the water into your eyes, since the oatmeal will sting, and be careful in getting in and out of the tub, since it will be slippery.


    Remove the entire oatmeal residue from your skin before you completely exit the tub by rinsing in cool water. Any leftover oatmeal may dry out your skin and increase itching.


    Dry your body carefully by dabbing away moisture with a thick, absorbent towel. Avoid rubbing your skin with the towel and irritating the sores from the chicken pox, which may cause bleeding and scarring.


    Repeat this procedure at least twice a day to effectively treat the pain and itching caused by chicken pox.


    Apply calamine lotion to your skin before you get dressed. Used in combination with oatmeal baths, calamine lotion can relieve the pain and itching caused by chicken pox throughout the day.

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Adverse Reactions to Vitamin B12 Shots

Vitamin B12 shots, which go by the generic name Cyanocobalamin and hydroxocobalamin often are administered to treat B12 deficiencies or as a supplement for patients who require higher levels of the vitamin due to a chronic disease. While there are rarely any side effects to taking oral doses of the vitamin, some people may suffer adverse reactions to B12 shots.

Mild Side Effects

    Some relatively mild adverse reactions to vitamin B12 shots include temporary pain and a sensation of warmth at the site of the shot. The patient may also experience nervousness and anxiety. If these side effects persist, then the patient must seek medical attention form a doctor or pharmacist.

Benzyl Alcohol

    When the B12 shot is administered to a newborn baby in the first few months of its life, the baby can have an adverse reaction to benzyl alcohol, a preservative that is contained in the vitamin B12 shot. Symptoms of an adverse reaction include a slow heartbeat, low blood pressure and sudden gasping for breath. The risk of an adverse reaction is even higher if the infant has a low birth weight, and it can sometimes lead to death. Ideally, the baby should be administered a B12 shot that does not use benzyl alcohol as a preservative.

Allergic Reaction

    Some people may suffer adverse allergic reactions to the B12 shot, including difficulty breathing, chest pain or swelling of the tongue, throat, lips and face. These allergic reactions are infrequent, but can be serious. They occur because the different formulations of B12 shots, including hydroxycobalamin and cyanocobalamin, are synthetically derived formulations of the naturally-occurring vitamin B. In this case, the patient should instead take oral forms of B12 supplement, which typically do not cause allergic reactions.

Leber's Disease

    Vitamin B12 shots may aggravate the progression of Leber's disease. Also referred to as Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON), Leber's disease is a hereditary condition in which the individual's optic nerve gradually wastes away, progressively deteriorating the individual's vision. B12 shots can increase the rate of the nerve's atrophy, causing an even faster loss of vision.


    B12 injections are especially used to administer high doses of the vitamin, commonly in amounts as high as 1,000mg. The National Institutes of Health report that high doses of B12 have been found to trigger a rare form of rosacea called rosacea conglobata. The report cite a case involving a 17-year old girl (See Resources section below.). The patient may also suffer a breakout of a skin rash or hives.

How to Cleanse the Colon Quickly

Although colon cleanses can involve extended lifestyle changes, many people are not in a position to do a fast or become vegans for life, but they still want to benefit from this detoxifying process. For this reason, there are colon-cleansing techniques that are quick and will not interrupt your current routine. Colonic irrigations only take a half-hour, and herbal non-habit-forming laxatives can force waste out within a day or two, even if your normal diet is not altered.



    Take the herbal laxative pills until you have regular bowel movements. If you already have bowel movements more than once daily, skip this step, but according to Dr. Richard Schultze, an authority on natural medicine, 97 percent of his patients need to do this first.


    Take the colon-cleansing pills, and continue to take the laxative pills if needed. Drink your weight in ounces of distilled water each day.


    Get an enema or colonic irrigation treatment if needed to keep your bowel movements regular, especially if the cleanse is done in conjunction with a water or juice fast. If your bowel movements during the colon cleanse become less frequent than once daily, this step may be necessary to prevent toxic buildup.


    The colon cleanse ends after a set number of days or when the cleansing tablets have all been consumed. Return to your normal diet slowly, or you could have cramping. You may not want to return to your old diet, depending on your results.


    Stop drinking distilled water following the colon cleanse, as it lacks minerals that your body needs in the long term. Stop taking the herbal laxative pills once regularity has been established--they are not supposed to be habit forming.

How to Make a Treatment for Varicose Veins

This natural treatment for Varicose Veins works to reduce the appearance of Varicose Veins. This bath treatment should be used regularly to help treat Varicose Veins. I suggest using this treatment 2-3 times per week regularly. However, this treatment for Varicose Veins can be used as frequently as daily.



    Run a warm bath, making sure that the water is high enough to cover all of your body parts that currently have Varicose Veins that you would like to treat. While running the bath, slowly pour the Apple Cider Vinegar directly under the running water.


    In a small mixing bowl pour in the Sea Salt then drizzle the honey directly over it. Do not mix it together, and place it next to the bath so that it is within reach.


    Soak in the Apple Cider Vinegar water for a total of about 20-30 minutes. Once that time is up, use your finger to scoop out some of the honey and sea salt mixture. Massage the mixture between your palms until the honey and sea salt are combined. Gently massage the mixture directly into the areas affected with Varicose Veins.


    Once all of the mixture has been used, wait 5 minutes then gently rinse the mixture off with warm water.

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Possible Side Effects of Bach Flower Remedies

Possible Side Effects of Bach Flower Remedies

In the early 20th century, physician and scientist Edward Bach developed a therapeutic homeopathic remedy for emotional and personality ailments, which branched into the remedy of other systemic diseases. Bach's Flower Essences have been approved by the U.S. Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA). According to Charming Health, "Bach Therapy is renowned for its simplicity, efficiency, simple concept and rapidity of observable results." There are no known side effects from taking the remedies.


    Bach's 38 Flower Therapy aids in the removal of "negativities," (negative thoughts, feelings, emotions) that can lead to potential disease. This remedy is inclusive of 38 aroma-therapeutic flowers that have been historically relevant to boosting the senses and enlightening the emotions. Though it is presumed that the use of flowers would ensue the taste and smell of a floral fragrance, Bach Flower Remedies are both colorless and tasteless. The solution may be digested as a diluted liquid or in its concentrated form direct from the bottle. In other combinations, it is used topically.

Side Effects

    To date, there are no known side effects from the use of Bach Flower Remedies. Herbs 2000 affirms Bach's floral remedy as being non-toxic, non-habit forming and void of negative side effects. However, as with all supplements and health alternatives, consult with your medical physician prior to using a homeopathic remedy. Always follow the remedy's directions.

Other Facts

    Bach Flower remedies having healing properties against emotional stress.
    Bach Flower remedies having healing properties against emotional stress.

    According to Charming Health, using Bach therapy doesn't require a special diet or regimen. Its effects are enhanced by combining it with an open mind and consistency in your schedule of essence taking. You are advised to continue the program for at least three months for full effect.

How to Stop Your Aches and Pains the All Natural Way

If you have sore muscles or a headache, rather than taking potentially dangerous drugs to remove the problem it is so much healthier to take something natural instead. All drugs, including aspirin, have potentially dangerous side effects. Taking care of your aches and pains without having to worry about side effects of medication is a load off many people's minds.


How to Stop Your Aches and Pains the All Natural Way


    Taking Ginger root rather than aspirin is a healthy and powerful alternative. If you really prefer aspirin, try all natural White Willow Bark instead, as that is the natural form of the remedy. For Migraine headaches a good natural remedy to try is FeverFew, rather than chemical drugs that can cause more problems than they solve. Take a look around your local health food store and see what natural alternatives are out there on the market. Most vitamin and mineral supplements will tell you on the labels what they are good for.


    When you have muscle aches try rubbing some olive oil into the area and just feel the pain drain away. Olive oil is an excellent topical pain remedy and has no side-effects because it is natural and will cause you no harm. It does not hurt to rub it into your forehead if you are experiencing a headache and see if the oil's pain removing properties will have an effect, plus it will moisturize your skin as an added bonus.


    Do your research on the topic of natural pain killers and read up on what types of nutrients are needed to create which effect. Check different stores and catalogues for affordable prices. Quite often nutritional supplements will be outrageously expensive, but once in a while you can find a really great sale, such as, two for the price of one sales, and things of that nature. Also, mail-order catalogues usually have better prices than what you will find in the stores so that is an option as well, but be cautious when going that route as quite often, you will have to have a certain amount for your order.


    Twisting your ankle is very painful, sometimes resulting in a sprain which can at least partially incapacitate a person for several days. Try a deep tissue massage as soon as the sprain occurs, even before you pick yourself back up to try to walk on it. This will relieve the building pressure and release tension from the pain which usually causes the injury to become worse. It is likely that if this massage is performed before attempting to stand, the pain will be alleviated and the ankle will rapidly feel much better, perhaps even preventing a limp.It is a good idea to use massage for all muscle aches and pains as it will relieve the tension that keeps the pain going in the first place. Deep tissue massage is fundamental for the healing of muscle injury. It can also assist with tension headaches.


    Colloidal silver drops in the nose can help with sinus headaches as silver is a natural anti-biotic. Sinus headaches are profoundly painful and debilitating. Finding something natural that works on that pain is very much worthwhile. You can order colloidal silver from health catalogues, buy it in stores that sell nutritional supplements, or even make your own with a few simple devices you can buy on-line.

Ketogenic Foods

Ketogenic Foods

A ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate diet that includes enough protein and a higher-than-average fat content, used both for weight loss and as an alternative remedy for children suffering from seizures. The diet should never be followed without a doctor's supervision, since side effects of a very high-fat, high-protein diet range from constipation to low blood sugar, high cholesterol, growth stunting in children, kidney stones, dizziness, weakness, a lack of mental clarity and fractures. Those who are on ketogenic diets for medical reasons should work with a doctor or registered dietitian to create a diet with an exact ratio of protein, carbohydrate and fat that still includes enough calories.

Bacon and Eggs

    Conventional bacon and eggs are both high in fat with zero carbohydrates. Choose combinations of bacon and eggs that have the lowest amount of saturated fat and cholesterol possible, a move to keep blood cholesterol under control. Turkey bacon and eggs fried in vegetable oil would be appropriate, especially if the eggs are half whole eggs and half egg whites.


    Almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, walnuts and other tree nuts are all very high in fat, with around 11 to 14 g of fat per ounce. Since the fat is unsaturated, it won't cause cholesterol problems. Evidence also suggests that constant nut consumption plays a role in decreasing appetite. Packed with fiber, vitamin E, folic acid, copper and magnesium, they also contain no carbohydrates and plenty of protein. An ideal ketogenic food, be sure to look for nuts that haven't been sweetened, as the sweetener will add carbohydrates unless it is a calorie-free artifical sweetener.

Non-Starchy Vegetables

    Vegetables contain very small amounts of fat and protein, but are appropriate for those on a ketogenic diet because of their low carbohydrate content. The University Hospital in Newark, N.J., classifies them as "unrestricted" foods for seizure patients, and mentions some choices as broccoli, carrots, lettuce and spinach. Any salad greens are appropriate, as are plenty of non-sweet vegetables like onions, turnips, peppers, brussel sprouts, asparagus and zucchini. On a ketogenic diet, avoid high-carbohydrate starchy vegetables like plantains, potatos, pumpkin, squash, corn and peas.


    Seafood is very rich in protein, and fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, lake trout, sardines and albacore tuna are especially good for those on a ketogenic diet. Much of the fat in seafood is composed of essential omega-3 fatty acids, great for heart and mental health. Although seafood is a superior choice to eating highly saturated fat from some other meat products, the American Heart Association recommends that pregnant and nursing woman should be careful to avoid eating shark, swordfish, king mackerel or tilefish because of their high mercury content.